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Golden Goddess Healing Releases Video Series On the Impact Of Ancient Art of Energy Healing Radhaa of Golden Goddess Healing ( releases her first video testimonial series on the impact of ancient energy healing using social media networks Youtube and Facebook. Los Angeles, CA (I- Newswire) July 25, 2012 - Radhaa of Golden Goddess Healing ( releases her first video testimonial series on the impact of energy healing on her website and social networks. These series of videos highlight the effectiveness of energy healing as something similar to a spiritual tune- up.

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This shift of human awareness towards the spiritual connection with each other, our Mother Earth is very much prominent in James Cameron's movie Avatar. A key note here is that Avatar shattered all box- office records as a movie that underlines the trend towards energy healing. It is a movie that showcases a deep spiritual connection and awareness to anything and everything

Golden Goddess Healing helps in removing the trauma, shock and fear from negative experiences which may be embedded in the subconscious part of your mind. These negative feelings can sometimes become subconscious beliefs and manifest into an unhappy, unhealthy life. Energy healing can be achieved through a session with a certified energy healer. This session is non- invasive and it can be performed in person or over long- distances through the phone. This form of healing gives you an immediate transformation, releasing you of old negative beliefs and giving you a clearer perspective. You are instantly given a clean slate - a fresh start with renewed personal power that draws people and experiences with positive energy. It can create a clear path that can bring you abundance and happiness. Radhaa is a certified energy healer at Golden Goddess Healing. She is trained in Quantum DNA Theta healing; an advanced form of energy healing that goes to the inner core and targets the subconscious mind. It allows the clearing of all the embedded negativity towards a positive change. She is certified in different modalities and offers: 1.Theta healing 2.Reiki healing 3.Aku Dua 4.Crystal healing 5.Raindrop therapy 6.Lemurian healing 7.Tantra teaching 8.Pranic healing She combines these multiple modalities for optimum results based on individual needs. She is able to do this while you are in the "theta brain- wave" state of consciousness which enables you to feel light and relaxed during and after the session. Golden Goddess Healing has freed hundreds of clients from old ideas, past traumas, unwanted habits and psychic bandages (both personal and communal). It is a holistic approach that removes old ideas and patterns from your life that liberate you. Some of the testimonials below attest to the effectiveness of energy healing. "This was my first real experience about energy healing and it was a life- changing and positive influence thanks to Radhaa. When she released the negative energy that had festered inside of me for so many years I felt both at peace and exhilarated by it. I thought that this was something I had learned to cope with and accept but evidently it had not. Immediately after the first healing session I experience more blessings come my way with more opportunities coming my way. These opportunities were in line with the rediscovery of my true self or at least towards the path of the truth and positive light." Mike Pestano, LA Social Media Manager "This type of healing process is all very new to me. After my first session with Radhaa I immediately felt positive results. Having an open mind made all the difference. Radhaa was very knowledgeable and made me feel at complete ease. The peacefulness I felt after our session only made me crave move. I'm excited to continue this journey....with Radhaa leading the way." Scott Whitter, LA Radhaa is available for in person sessions and on Skype. To schedule a session please contact her below. Visit her website at [url:http://] on Facebook [url:http:// GoldenGoddessHealing] E- mail her at or call 310-876-2143 Golden Goddess Healing is affiliated with Center for Theta Healing.

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About Golden Goddess Healing: If you're ready to remove old ideas and patterns from your life, Quantum DNA Theta healing is the answer. Quantum DNA Energy Healing aligns the unconscious and conscious mind by tapping into your brain's Theta wavelengths. From this holistic place, old beliefs are released effortlessly. This powerful process has freed thousands from old ideas, past traumas, unwanted habits, and psychic hooks (both personal and communal). Imagine the freedom you would experience if you were no longer haunted by old beliefs and behaviors. That's the power of Quantum DNA Energy Healing! Company Contact Information: Golden Goddess Healing

Golden Goddess Healing Radhaa 3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd 91604 Phone: 310-876-2143 Published in: Marriage / Relationships Tags: energy- healing    healing    spiritual healing    DNA    reiki    aromatherapy    healer    theta    quantum touch    energy healer    aka dua     Published on: July 25, 2012 Original Source: Golden Goddess Healing Releases Video Series On the Impact Of Ancient Art of Energy Healing

Golden Goddess Healing Releases Video Series On the Impact Of Ancient Art of Ene