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Find Licensed Money Lenders for Fast and Easy Loan in Singapore at With too many money lenders and financial institutions to choose from, one sometimes doesn \'t know where to start. helps people find licensed money lenders in their area. Singapore (I- Newswire) July 25, 2012 - Taking out a personal loan in Singapore is a major decision. After having decided to take out a loan, one has to choose from a number of lenders. The sheer number of money lenders and financial institutions can leave one confused. can help one find a reputable and licensed money lender for personal loan in Singapore. is an online marketplace where financial lenders and borrowers meet. is a financial directory, providing a listing of hundreds of credit and finance companies in Singapore. It has listings of banks, insurance companies, licensed money lenders, and pawnbrokers. It \'s a one- stop website with ready information available for visitors in need of fast cash, loans, and other credit and financial needs. While one sometimes can \'t afford to be too cautious in times of desperate needs, it still pays to do one \'s research and only deal with licensed money lenders. At, visitors and loan applicants can easily compare quotations from various money lenders and institutions for the best offer. Taking out a loan in Singapore is simple. There are a number of licensed money lenders that process applications quickly with few requirements. Generally, to qualify for a loan, an applicant should be employed, aged 21 and above, and not bankrupt. It only takes as little as 20 seconds to fill out an online loan application form, and the application can be approved as fast as 60 seconds. One can request for quotations using the quick contact form at the home page. For more detailed queries, the website has a loan application form to help visitors find the best loan in Singapore. One may also leave queries and messages using the form. Client testimonials attest to the fast and helpful service. For loans and other financial needs, check out to find licensed money lenders and other financial institutions and for more information. One may also call 1-800-123-4567 for assistance.

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About provides access to hundreds of credit and finance companies in Singapore. With hundreds of business listings to date, is Singapore \'s latest targeted financial directory. All under one portal that shows access and locations to get funds, cash, loans, credits facilities. is Singapore \'s ever first targeted, comprehensive and most relevant financial directory and portal that feature tons of free information and tools serving the convenience to the business and consumer \'s community. Company Contact Information: Wucci 2 International Business Park #01-26 The Strategy Singapore 609930 Published in: Business Tags: loan    personal loan in Singapore    fast cash loan Singapore     Published on: July 25, 2012 Original Source: Find Licensed Money Lenders for Fast and Easy Loan in Singapore at

Find Licensed Money Lenders for Fast and Easy Loan in Singapore at MoneyLoanssg