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iPad Data Plans Now Available From iPadSimCards More consumers are in need of a convenient way of comparing offers from different mobile companies. iPadSimCard provides an organized source for iPad data plans to help consumers maximize their gadget \'s capabilities. London (I- Newswire) July 20, 2012 - Mobility defines this generation \'s lifestyle with the existence of tablets that enable users to be wherever they need to be, with the right computing tools that fits right in their bags. Touted by tech experts and consumers alike as a game changer, the iPad \'s creation was led by Apple \'s then CEO Steve Jobs and has since defined the tablet category in the tech market and consequently, managed to revolutionize the publishing industry as its predecessor, the iPod, has done for the music world. The iPad comes in two product categories: Wifi and Wifi with 3G, both in several memory capabilities. The latter uses a special sim card for iPad to be able to connect to the Internet, much like having its own Wifi spot 24/7. Because of this, most telecommunications companies around the world have offered iPad data plans to consumers with different iPad sim only deals that offer a lot of details and fine print that may confuse any iPad user. As a solution to this, iPadSimCard was created as a convenient online source where users can compare, assess, and decide on the perfect iPad data plan for them. SIM cards for iPad are not created equal as much as one iPad user \'s needs is different from another. Through an organized process, enumerates and lists all offers from mobile companies such as Vodafone and T- Mobile, helping users get the best deals and plans that maximize their budget and time. The website provides important data such as download speeds and payment options offered by different mobile companies. Aside from these, also teaches users on iPad data allowances to make sure that users do not exceed the allowed bandwidth usage which will then cause extra fees on their iPad data plans. An easy to understand FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section enumerates the usual concerns users face as they decide on a plan and how to assess different offers based on their personal needs. Stay connected with to maximize this revolutionary product by liking their Facebook page at http:// ipadsimcard and be part of their 745 subscribers or follow via Twitter at @ipadmicrosim today.

Additional Resources About iPad SIM Card dot Net: iPadSimCard is a website that enables iPad users to compare different iPad data plans offered by different mobile companies. It helps users maximize their time and budget and educates on technical data plan terms. Company Contact Information: iPad SIM Card dot Net Media Relations 3rd Floor 36 Langham Street London W1W 7AP Published in: Technology Tags: iPad sim card    iPad data plans    sim card for iPad     Published on: July 20, 2012 Original Source: iPad Data Plans Now Available From iPadSimCards

iPad Data Plans Now Available From iPadSimCards