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Fast and Easy Personal Loan Singapore at Oasis Credit Singapore Some unethical individuals take advantage of other people \'s needs and misfortune by offering loans with sky- high interest rates and hidden charges, among others. One must always deal with licensed money lenders like Oasis Credit Singapore, which of Singapore (I- Newswire) July 19, 2012 - In times of need, a sense of desperation can set in especially if the need is urgent. With unscrupulous individuals or groups preying on desperate people, one must be cautious and wary of borrowing money from anyone. It is always wise to research on licensed and reputable money lenders. Some money lenders require more documentation than necessary before approving a loan. Oasis Credit Singapore is a licensed money lender that offers fast cash loan Singapore. Emergency funds or quick cash to pay bills and other upcoming financial obligations just before pay day generally fall under personal loans. One can avail of different types of personal loan Singapore at Oasis Credit. Personal loans include cash advance, foreigner loan, and fast cash loan. Oasis Credit Singapore offers flexible loan terms and realistic repayments that will suit each borrower \'s budget. Oasis Credit Singapore believes in responsible lending and borrowing. Rather than extending loans to just any borrower with no means to repay the loan and making their financial situation worse, Oasis Credit chooses to do business with people who are capable of keeping their end of the bargain. Many people know that interest payments and penalties of past due and unpaid loans can easily multiply and get out of control. Oasis Credit Singapore helps by not \"helping people dig their own graves. \" According to Oasis Credit Singapore, \"We will not issue credit to a new or existing customer should we feel it is detrimental to their overall financial situation. \" Oasis Credit also advises borrowers to ask for the applicable interest rates and to read contracts before signing. More than just a money lender, Oasis Credit Singapore tries to help people avoid and get out of bad financial situations. The company website at features a Loan Blogging section where visitors can read essential tips on how to manage their finances; how to avoid loan sharks; and how to prevent loan shark harassment. Check out for easy and fast cash loan Singapore and to learn more about the different loan options. One may also visit the office or call 65 6536 1530 for assistance.

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About Oasis Credit Singapore: Oasis Credit Singapore provides loan services, including personal loans, fast cash loan, short- term loan, cash advance and flexible loans for locals and foreigners in Singapore. Old- school products are full of hidden charges and encourage people to borrow more than they need. Many short- term solutions turn into costly, long- term debt spiral. We, at Oasis Credit Singapore, offer a fast, fair and transparent experience to suit you. We understand that you may need some emergency money to tide you over a few days or weeks. For whatever purpose you need the money, we are here to help. Company Contact Information: Oasis Credit Singapore Ken Wong 195 Pearl Hill Terrace #02-57C Singapore 167896 Phone: 65 6536 1530 Published in: Business Tags: personal loan in Singapore    loan Singapore    Oasis credit personal loan Singapore     Published on: July 19, 2012 Original Source: Fast and Easy Personal Loan Singapore at Oasis Credit Singapore

Fast and Easy Personal Loan Singapore at Oasis Credit Singapore