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Digit Doods, LLC Announces The Product Launch Of A First Of Its Kind Ergonomic Texting Aid (Wireless/ Cellphone Accessory). SHOWDOWN in Houston . . . the Beginning of the End for Texter's Thumb . . . Houston, Texas (I- Newswire) July 19, 2012 - Digit Doods, LLC announces that its U.S. and International patents- pending texting appliance, DigitDoods™, is set for launch the week of August 1, 2012. Developed and tested over a period of two and a half years, this unique ergonomic product is designed to make texting easy for everyone. The DigitDoods™ cellphone accessory works with any keyboard or device with resistive or capacitive screens, such as the IPhone and IPad, and has no viable market competition. It is the first of its kind, created to help eliminate texter's thumb, also known as Blackberry thumb. CTIA, the International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry, reports, "Americans traded 822 billion text messages-5 billion per day- for the second half of 2009, and over 1.5 trillion for the whole year. MMS messaging is more than double year- over- year for the last half of 2009, with 24.2 billion photos, videos, and audio clips moving from one mobile phone to another in just six months." As the world shifts to more portable means of communications, consumers/ users are being forced to manipulate their fingers, thumbs, and hands in unnatural and harmful ways. Numerous publications and studies have documented the existence and danger of Repetitive Strain Injuries ("RSI") such as "BlackBerry Thumb," " texters thumb," and numerous other pathologies. Symptoms of "BlackBerry Thumb" include pain or numbness in the thumbs and joints of the hands. And, "because the keyboard of the PDA is so small, and because the thumb, which is the least dexterous part of the hand, is overtaxed (for faster typing), the risk of injury just skyrockets," according to APTA Occupational Health Special Interest Group President Margot Miller, over other repetitious use injuries. Here is just one example of what is being discovered and reported about these RSI maladies: January 2009 A Consumer Reports article titled "Rx for BlackBerry Thumb," written by Orly Avitzur, M.D., a board- certified neurologist and medical adviser to Consumers Union: "Hand held mini keypads are awkward to strike, leading users to create finger acrobatics. Many texters prefer to use their thumbs to type and can build up speed, some reaching rates of about 60 words per minute. 'BlackBerry Thumb' refers to a variety of hand conditions including aggravation of thumb carpometacarpal joint arthritis, a degenerative condition affecting the thumb's base. Symptoms range from an occasional ache to severe pain with weakness and disability. Diagnosis is based on X- rays and exam findings, which might include pain induced by pressure over the joint, swelling, warmth, and even hyperextension deformity." Tim Hutchful, spokesperson for the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) stated, "As mobile phone technology develops, mobiles are getting smaller, with buttons closer together. Small, fine movements to aggravate more than larger movements - this coupled with smaller buttons can lead to injury as smaller buttons are harder to activate." In addition, overuse of these devices can aggravate underlying arthritis, a particular problem for middle- aged users." The same article went on to state that concerns were starting to surface that this condition may yet be treated as a workplace injury, thus exposing companies to yet a new form of litigious pursuit; as some people are now suing employers who require the use of these devices because they allege they have been injured using work- supplied devices (much like carpal tunnel syndrome claims). Even with surgery, those suffering repetitive stress injury such as texter's thumb can only expect about 80% mobility. Like carpal tunnel, texter's thumb is never really "cured." We encourage texters to "practice safe text"© through use of the World's first ergonomic texting product©. DigitDoods™ - The "must have" cell phone accessory "The DigitDoods™ texting aids will revolutionize the way we operate cell phone and other portable device keyboards and touch screen interfaces. The finger- worn devices do this in three ways: by improving accuracy, comfort and safety and health. Improving the accuracy of texting by reducing accidental incorrect key strikes (which we know can be maddeningly frustrating) is accomplished by reducing the area of touch and increasing key/ screen visibility through projecting tapered "styluses." Comfort is improved by allowing the fingers to operate the touch screens in a more ergonomic orientation and by reducing the amount of pressure the user needs to apply to the key or screen. Safety and health are improved because the devices are designed to encourage users to operate the screens and keyboards in a more natural configuration, thus reducing tendon and ligament strain and friction due to finger joint flexing. These advances have been accomplished through a systematic process of brainstorming, bodystorming, and biomechanical assessment. The designs have been refined through an exhaustive series of iterations using computer models and physical prototypes. These devices promise to make a huge splash as soon as they become available on the market." Grant Schaffner, Ph.D., President, ProtoStar Engineering, Inc. Mr. Schaffner and the ProtoStar team are experts in numerous fields; including medical engineering, biomechanics, physiology, exercise science, and product development. Distributor inquiries may be submitted at the DigitDoods website, or by clicking here. What are you waiting for? DOOD UP!! ©

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About Digit Doods, LLC: About Digit Doods, LLC - Digit Doods, LLC is a privately owned entity formed within the State of Texas, who specialize in ergonomic texting aids and their accessories. Digit Doods, LLC will initially focus on generating sales via the internet. Aggressive expansion into select foreign markets is being planned and scheduled to occur within the first 6 months of initial product launch. Digit Doods, LLC will also be introducing an accessory line, DigitDoodAds™ within this time frame. Digit Doods, LLC also has an ergonomic texting aid for fingers which is in its last stage of development, and also protect under US and International Patent applications. That product will also be carried under the name of DigitDoods™, and is expected to become available within 6 months. There are approximately 242,250,000 people in our US market alone. Our initial goal is to obtain 5% of the marketplace, or 2,112,500 customers, within the first 32 months of existence. Our future marketing goals include expansion to four geographic global regions encompassing 2,692,800,000 people, or roughly 45.6% of the worldwide 5.9 billion subscribers. Given that DigitDoods™ is in a class by itself, there is unlimited market potential. Company Contact Information: Digit Doods, LLC Damaris Gore 2302 Fannin St. Suite 210 77002 Phone: 832.297.9772

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Digit Doods LLC Announces The Product Launch Of A First Of Its Kind Ergonomic Te  

As the world shifts to more portable means of communications, consumers/ users are being forced to manipulate their fingers, thumbs, and han...