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Celebrity Skincare Guru Joanna Vargas Offers Revitalizing Daily Serum When it comes to Celebrity Skincare Joanna Vargas based in New York City has been the Industry Leader. Now she is releasing her own skincare products you can buy online to get the same type effects in your own home .. read more .. New York (I- Newswire) July 18, 2012 - "All of the products, which have been time- tested and proven for results in my facials over the past five years, are natural. Natural products are more effective because they assimilate into the skin much faster and are far healthier than products with chemicals." Joanna Vargas Joanna Vargas is a leading skin care guru to celebrities and founder of Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary, one of the best day spas in NYC, located in ritzy Fifth Avenue. The spa now offers her exclusive natural Daily Serum to revitalize epidermal health for optimal age- defying radiance. She thoroughly tested her serum over time to ensure a top skin care product for some of the most discerning professionals and celebrities. "My Daily Serum… contain[s] galactoarabinan," says Joanna Vargas. Galactoarabinan or GA is naturally derived extract pressed from the resin of the Larch tree. This naturally occurring compound enhances the immune system and is FDA approved as a reliable source of dietary fiber. Research has shown that it can minimize fine lines, improve moisture retention, expedite cell regeneration and brighten dull worn skin. It also bolsters dermal cell metabolism as it increases ATP production for a firm and toned visage. Additionally, the Joanna Vargas Daily Serum is the perfect blend of high- potency antioxidants, vitamins and skin- brightening elements. This luxuriant serum is lightweight, moisturizing effortlessly with hyaluronic acid, leaving your skin refreshed and naturally glowing. It will feed your skin the perfect balance of nutrients for a naturally healthy and radiant glow. This effective skin care serum acts- fast to revitalize your skin's appearance, improving it's tone, minimizing pores, raising moisture levels and giving you remarkably glowing skin. Skin care for women is usually created in a lab by chemist that have never touched the skin of a woman. The Joanna Vargas skin care line is different in that she works with all skin types daily and has first hand knowledge of what your skin needs. Therefore, stop wondering if this serum is for you, and get good skin care at your finger tips now, for your best skin ever. "[The Daly Serum] has been field- tested and proven to work in all of my facials and spa treatments. Some of the most discerning skin care professionals and Hollywood celebrities use it every day."- Joanna Vargas 'KEY INGREDIENTS: Hyaluronic acid holds moisture, aiding in tissue repair, holding together the skin structural components collagen and elastin. Galactoarabinan, intensifies cell turnover for more youthful, vibrant skin. Correct concentrations of vitamins A, E, C, all powerful antioxidants and vitamin F to increase circulation and maintain the health of your skin.' Joanna Vargas's concentrated Daily Green Serum has the appealing fresh fragrance of guava and grapefruit. In addition to Larch extract it is also abundant in vitamins A, C, F and E. Avena Sativa, Green Tea, Oat Grass Juice top off this potent skin elixir to give an instant lift with each use. The mineral content of potassium, magnesium and zinc are all excellent for regulating lymphatic function. To protect against environmental and free radical harm, this rich serum has antioxidant strength as well as being anti- mutagenic and anti- inflammatory. It provides lightweight moisture to completely enrich and nourish. The Joanna Vargas Daily Serum is currently available for purchase in New York City at the Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary, 501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2011, New York, NY 10017, 212.949.2350 or online at joannavargas- · Daily Serum 1oz - $85 · Safe for all skin types About Joanna Vargas, Celebrity Esthetician, Entrepreneur and Innovator. Joanna Vargas has been a New York State Licensed Esthetician for 15 years and has clients from all over the globe ... Mumbai, Dubai, Rome, Tel Aviv, Paris, London and Los Angeles are all ports of call for her. Certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage from the renowned Dr. Vodder School International, she also holds a BA from the University of Chicago. In November 2006, she officially opened the doors to her namesake salon on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue and never looked back. In the past year alone, she has introduced the world's first LED Light Therapy BED (patent- pending) and her own organic skincare product line. Media Contact: Samuella Becker, 212-949-2350

Additional Resources About Joanna Vargas Skin Care Salon: Joanna Vargas Salon is a leading New York Day Care Spa and designer of the Joanna Vargas Skin Care line of products. Company Contact Information: Joanna Vargas Skin Care Salon Cesar Vargas 501 Fifth Avenue 10017 Phone: 212-949-2350 Published in: Lifestyle Tags: anti aging skincare  revitalizing daily serums    best daily skincare treatments    best skincare treatments nyc    online skincare     Published on: July 18, 2012 Original Source: Celebrity Skincare Guru Joanna Vargas Offers Revitalizing Daily Serum

Celebrity Skincare Guru Joanna Vargas Offers Revitalizing Daily Serum  

The mineral content of potassium, magnesium and zinc are all excellent for regulating lymphatic function. To protect against environmental a...