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Best Body Bootcamp Rolls Out A New And Exciting Range Of Outdoor Bootcamp Classes In Toronto In response to a greater demand for more bootcamp workout programs in North America, Best Body Bootcamp has expanded its range of outdoor fitness bootcamps in Toronto Toronto, Ontario (I- Newswire) July 18, 2012 - Best Body Bootcamp, a leading provider of fitness bootcamp training and outdoor bootcamp programs in Toronto, has recently rolled out a new range of bootcamp workouts at 8 bootcamp training locations in Toronto. With an aim to cater to the ever increasing number of North Americans opting for bootcamp training as a way to reduce body fat, build strength, increase stamina and improve overall health, Best Body Bootcamp has recently launched a new set of outdoor boot camp classes. The Toronto fitness training program offers a full body workout that helps participants attain a toned, healthy body, increased vitality and reduced stress. With workouts based on scientific exercise principles, Best Body Bootcamp is designed to help participants achieve their unique fitness goals and show impressive results in half the time of other boot camp workout programs. Using an ever- changing combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercises, the bootcamp training programs include core conditioning, interval training, explosive cardio drills, short distance running, muscular strength training, jumping rope, circuit training, obstacle training, push- ups, boxing and kickboxing. Led by certified personal trainers with diverse backgrounds in sports, nutrition and rehabilitation, bootcamp training is conducted in a safe and inspiring environment. Methodically built on "Phasic Progression" and guided by fitness specialists, Best Body Bootcamp is structured to offer the most effective workout. The "Phasic Progression" technique works by putting the muscles through a process of confusion, adaptation, and stabilization. This causes the body, metabolism and nervous system to coordinate with each other and the muscles "get it" faster and remember longer. During the warm months, Best Body Bootcamp offers a variety of outdoor bootcamp training programs in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. The fitness bootcamps offer an alternative to the gym, allowing people to get the best workout in an intimidation- free environment. With the ability to choose from morning and evening bootcamp packages and annual or month- to- month fitness programs, participants also have exceptional class schedule flexibility. Best Body Boot Camp has developed an outstanding reputation for transforming bodies and helping individuals improve their health and quality of life. With effective bootcamps that take the boredom out of fitness training, Best Body Bootcamp offers a fun way to exercise and stay motivated.

Additional Resources About Best Body Bootcamp Fitness: Best Body Bootcamp is a provider of bootcamp workouts, nutritional coaching and bootcamp fitness classes in Toronto. Founded in the spring of 2007 by Roger Nahas and Daniela Nahas, Best Body Bootcamp was developed with an aim to educate and inspire individuals to improve their quality of life, achieve weight loss and reach their fitness goals. With bootcamp workouts and bootcamp exercises specifically designed to challenge both men and women, Best Body Bootcamp is an ideal exercise program for fitness beginners and experienced exercisers alike. The bootcamp workouts encompass a unique and everchanging combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercises that are challenging and fun. Best Body Bootcamp is made up of a team of highly experienced fitness specialists and certified personal trainers with extensive backgrounds in sports, nutrition and rehabilitation. Best Body Boot Camp uses the latest techniques in effective fitness training, including the "Phasic Progression" model. In recent years, bootcamp fitness classes in Toronto have grown in popularity due to their ability to offer individuals a full body workout in a motivating environment. As a result, Best Body Bootcamp is continuing to expand its bootcamp training locations in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Company Contact Information: Best Body Bootcamp Fitness 51 Bulwer St Suite 201 M5T 1A1 Phone: 416 519 2643 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: bootcamp Toronto    bootcamp workout toronto    workout toronto     Published on: July 18, 2012 Original Source: Best Body Bootcamp Rolls Out A New And Exciting Range Of Outdoor Bootcamp Classes In Toronto

Best Body Bootcamp Rolls Out A New And Exciting Range Of Outdoor Bootcamp Classe