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SP Home Run Inc. Provides IT Sales Tips for Closing Deals Faster IT Sales Tips Show Small Computer Business Owners How to Use Case Studies to Shorten Sales Cycle LAKE WORTH, FL (I- Newswire) July 18, 2012 - Many small computer business owners rely on their "tried and true" IT sales pitches, but often this approach doesn't differentiate an IT solution provider from the competition. Putting together an IT sales process that focuses on innovation helps to position IT solution providers as authorities in their markets, heads off many potential objections, and shortens the sales cycle, so deals close faster, with larger profits margins. Small computer business owners, without a large budget for marketing and sales, can more effectively close deals on new IT solutions by using case studies. SP Home Run Inc. recommends putting case studies to work in the following ways: * Show Up with PROOF - Make sure sales representatives go to meetings with solid proof that the new IT solution is effective. Case studies that illustrate this in either print or video format should use more of a journalistic approach, rather than a backhanded "sales pitch." * Remember that Short and Simple Works Best - Offer the most important and relevant information- what industry the business in the case study is in, the problem that was faced before the IT solution was implemented, how the IT solution solved the problem, and a few sentences to show how the business was improved. If a print case study is being presented, 300 to 500 words should suffice; if a video is being used, keep in at three to five minutes. * Prioritize Case Studies as Investments - When launching a new IT solution, especially one with no market awareness, be prepared to sacrifice profits in the beginning because getting a successful case study is vital. Once enough case studies on the IT solution have been compiled, then a company can charge a higher rate for that IT solution. "Case studies are a great way to eliminate resistance and shut down IT sales anxiety without having to say a word," said Joshua Feinberg, Business Development Director of SP Home Run Inc. "If an IT business owner is concerned about their writing capabilities, remember that case studies don't have to be worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. The biggest thing to focus on when selling IT solutions is explaining the benefits with a clear message and authenticity. If writing really is an issue, go to the local college and find a journalism student to help write." Those interested in learning more about how to use case studies to increase IT sales on new solutions should also download the free report: Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High- Lifetime- Value Clients from http:// seven- it- sales- secrets- nv About SP Home Run Inc. SP Home Run Inc. helps small business IT service providers get more high- paying, steady B2B clients by providing a suite of proven tools and resources that are available exclusively to SP Home Run Inc. members. The tools and resources focus on IT marketing and targeted lead generation, selling IT services and lead nurturing, IT service contracts, managed computer consulting, IT channel and small business technology, and starting a computer business. The company currently serves clients all over the world. Its client base includes computer consulting businesses, VARs, network integrators, IT solution providers, MSPs, system builders, and computer repair businesses.

Additional Resources Company Contact Information: SP Home Run Inc. Joshua Feinberg 8401 Lake Worth Road, Suite 227B 33467 Phone: +1 877-587-9580 x7 Published in: Business Tags: benefits  Tips    case studies    results    IT sales    closing sales    closing deals faster    shorter IT sales cycle    overcome objections     Published on: July 18, 2012 Original Source: SP Home Run Inc. Provides IT Sales Tips for Closing Deals Faster

SP Home Run Inc Provides IT Sales Tips for Closing Deals Faster  

* Prioritize Case Studies as Investments - When launching a new IT solution, especially one with no market awareness, be prepared to sacrifi...

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