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Rachna Mehra Comments on Future of Stem Cell Treatment As human clinical research begins on stem cell therapies, the medical community is discussing the potential that these therapies hold for the treatment of genetic and degenerative conditions. Dr. Rachna Mehra believes that this represents the future. Orlando, Florida (I- Newswire) July 16, 2012 - The Huffington Post reports that human clinical research has begun on stem cell treatments for vision loss due to aging and a genetic, neurological disease that is considered to be rare. Although adult stem cell treatments for several conditions are currently available, Dr. Rachna Mehra believes that stem cell research continues to push the boundaries of today's medical community- and the potential of tomorrow's medical treatment options. Dr. Rachna Mehra, who specializes in providing adult stem cell treatment to her patients, is encouraged by the reports that have come out of the International Society for Stem Cell Research's annual meeting. StemCells Inc. and the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology are the two organizations performing the reported human clinical studies. Both of these organizations are excited to get started, as they are well aware of the potential that their respective treatments hold. StemCells Inc. is working on a neural stem cell treatment for Pelizaeus- Merzbacher disease, or PMD. A progressive and life- threatening condition, PMD restricts the growth of myelin along the nerves, resulting in the loss of nerve signals and degeneration of motor skills, among other issues. Currently, this devastating illness has no cure or treatment. The organization's Vice President of Research, Ann Tsukamoto, asserts that, when tested in rodents, neural stem cells resulted in the "formation of new myelin." RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology is equally excited about its study, which is focused on the treatment of wet- type age- related macular degeneration. This condition causes the deterioration of light- detecting cells in the eyes, as well as the development of abnormal blood vessels. These symptoms result in impaired vision. The research team uses cellular reprogramming to turn skin cells, harvested from the patient, into induced pluripotent cells (iPS). iPS cells are then transformed into retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells, which are the light- detecting cells that are attacked by the condition. The hope is that, when damaged RPE cells are replaced with those created in the lab, vision will improve. Dr. Rachna Mehra is encouraged by these tests, as she believes that adult stem cell treatment is the future of medicine. "Can you imagine treating diseases like autism and blindness? Or regenerating organs, such as the liver and heart? How about creating collagen tissue, like cartilage, to treat the joints?" asks Dr. Rachna Mehra. "I cannot begin to express the excitement that is surrounding the potential that exists for the future of medicine; however, I can definitely say that adult stem cell treatments have come of age." ABOUT: Dr. Rachna Mehra is a healthcare professional who specializes in adult stem cell treatment. Through this treatment, Dr. Rachna Mehra also provides Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. Additionally, she offers hormone therapy, Botox injections, and nutrition information. To learn more about Dr. Rachna Mehra and her practice, visit

Additional Resources Company Contact Information: PR Authority Michael McGarety 10 W. Trade St. New York, NY 10005 Phone: 888-863-3776 Published in: Medical Tags: Rachna Mehra  Dr. Rachna Mehra    Dr. Rachna Mehra Florida     Published on: July 16, 2012 Original Source: Rachna Mehra Comments on Future of Stem Cell Treatment

Rachna Mehra Comments on Future of Stem Cell Treatment  

ABOUT: RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology is equally excited about its study, which is focused on the treatment of wet- type age- relate...

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