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Anonymous STD Test from New Era STD Testing Gets Patients Tested Without the Embarrassment STD testing does not have to be an embarrassing experience with New Era STD Testing. New Era STD Testing offers the option of getting tested anonymously. This helps patients prevent delaying crucial diagnosis and treatment. Glendale, CA (I- Newswire) July 12, 2012 - Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) is a growing public health concern. No one is exempt from the risk of contracting an STD. Although it is believed to spread primarily through sexual contact, STDs can affect men, women, and children, regardless of their race and social status. Some types of STDs can be acquired through skin contact such as herpes or genital warts. Other types such as HIV can be passed on by infected parents to their unborn child. If left untreated, STDs can lead to serious health consequences and even death. Sadly, due to the delicate nature of STDs, many undiagnosed patients choose to ignore their symptoms or resort to self- treatment to avoid being subjected to embarrassing medical tests. New Era STD Testing helps patients get the STD test they need today without the embarrassment that leads to risky delays in diagnosis. Patients just need to order the test online, visit one of the company's more than 1,800 STD test centers for the procedure, and get the result discreetly in two to three days by email or at their own Private New Era STD Test Profile. All personal details including the billing and correspondence will be taken with great care and treated with utmost confidentiality. At New Era STD Testing, your privacy and comfort are the company's number one priority. You have the option to test get a confidential STD test. Patients can get tested for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Herpes 1 and 2, and Chlamydia. The 8 Test Panel covering these eights types of STDs is also available. New Era STD Testing also offers a free STD doctor consultation for patients who test positive for Hepatitis, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Herpes and Syphilis. The STD test cost starts from $39. Payment can be made hassle- free by credit card, account, transfer or through anonymous money orders. With New Era STD Testing, you will receive the same kind of service that is typical of hospitals and healthcare centers. The test centers utilize the same facilities that most doctors and healthcare professionals use. According to World Health Organization, there are 448 million new STD cases each year. Some of these infections do not show any symptoms. Delaying treatment can lead to possible serious complications such as infertility, severe birth defects, cervical cancer, anal cancers and other life- threatening conditions. Only by getting timely diagnosis and prompt treatment can these complications be prevented. Learn more about how to anonymously get tested for STD today. Visit http://

Additional Resources About New Era STD Testing: New Era STD Testing has over 1,800 testing centers that help patients get the STD test they need without the embarrassment. They offer quick, easy, and confidential STD Testing. Company Contact Information: New Era STD Testing Media Relations 432 W. Broadway StGlendale, CA 91204Tel: 800-277-1524 Phone: 800-277-1524 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: std test centers    confidential std test    std test cost     Published on: July 12, 2012 Original Source: Anonymous STD Test from New Era STD Testing Gets Patients Tested Without the Embarrassment

Anonymous STD Test from New Era STD Testing Gets Patients Tested Without the Emb