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Seth Michael Curl Treats Heart Disease Patients Living Alone A new study revealed individuals with heart disease who live alone will die sooner than if sharing their home with someone else. Seth Michael Curl wonders if his patients live alone or with another person to make sure they receive the best care. Raleigh, NC (I- Newswire) July 10, 2012 - A MSNBC article reported that people with heart disease who live alone have a higher risk of dying than those who live with someone else. Dr. Deepak Bhatt, lead researcher, said patients living alone have a harder time getting their medications refilled on a regular basis. In addition, Bhatt said people living alone have no one to call the doctor's office or emergency room if they need help. Earlier research has gotten mixed reactions, but the studies share similarities in that they both agree social isolation leads to medical problems, like heart attacks and weakened immune systems. Seth Michael Curl, owner of Curl Cardiology & Associates said many of his patients living alone succumb to heart disease faster than those living with a spouse, family members or another person. Bhatt, of Harvard Medical School, focused on 44,000 people, ages 45 and older, with heart disease or at a high risk for it across the globe. Within the last four years, 7.7 percent of participants younger than 65 who lived on their own died compared to 5.7 percent of those who lived with other people. For people age 66 to 80, the gap was smaller, but remained reliable, while the living situation of people over age 80 was not tied to death rates. Researchers added that people under age 80, living alone, may experience psychological and social problems, while older people living alone may be healthier and more independent. Seth Michael Curl agreed with Bhatt, who said that a cardiologist should routinely check with their patients on their living status. It is important that individuals with heart disease living alone have a way to access their medications regularly. Seth Michael Curl also believes those patients should not ignore any changes in their health condition either. "Many times, people just adapt to their circumstances," Bhatt said. "Perhaps just lower your threshold a little bit and realize it's better to call (the doctor) than not to call." Seth Michael Curl said some of the issues facing people living alone are harder to deal with, such as social isolation and loneliness. However, he tries to find avenues to break those barriers by suggesting the individuals' get involved in the community to meet new people. Many people are able to form lasting relationships through churches, civic organizations and more. ABOUT: Cardiologist Seth Michael Curl is the owner of Curl Cardiology & Associates in Fresno, Calif. He received his medical degrees from California State University. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Curl specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of heart problems through echocardiograms, ambulatory ECGs, exercise tests and cardiac catheterizations.

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Seth Michael Curl Treats Heart Disease Patients Living Alone