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Cooler Places To Visit During The Summer Desert Temperatures Not all places in the desert are intolerable during the summer months. Discover where to find the ideal summer temperatures in southern Nevada. Las Vegas, NV (I- Newswire) July 09, 2012 - So you are planning on taking your hard earned vacation time in the summer. Of course you are looking to travel somewhere warm, but not too warm. Many tourists can be deterred by the thought of heading to southern Nevada and the desert in the hot summer months of July and August. It is a common misconception that the temperatures will be unbearable if you travel to this destination during the summer season, but it all depends on where exactly you choose to explore. If you head to Mt. Charleston, you will discover perfect temperatures. Unlike the dry heat commonly found in the desert, this northern location is extremely pleasant. At elevations as high as 11,918 feet, you will not feel too warm here. The trails are exceptional and are for hikers of all skill sets. You can take the children on easy, but stunning routes or choose to bring those experienced rock climber friends of yours and brave the steep rope climbing trails that literally go above and beyond. In mid- July the average temperature is in the mid to upper 80's with mild humidity. It is the vacationer's dream climate. The Grand Canyon spanning 277 miles has a variety of activities for everyone and the summer is the perfect time to embrace this natural world wonder. Even though July is the warmest month to visit the canyon, the temperate will rarely go above 85 degrees. (This is much cooler compared to Las Vegas temperatures that will easily go above and beyond the 115 degree mark during this time of year.) Shockingly, during the nights the temperatures will drastically drop to the 40 to 50 degree range! If you were having second thoughts, it is never too late to book Grand Canyon tours so you can experience the more than pleasant temperatures sooner than later. And hey, you can even cool off with a whitewater rafting or jet ski tour! For more information on pleasant and comfortable sightseeing adventures with GC Flight visit http:// or call 1-800-871-1030 to learn how you can fly to the Grand Canyon easily and at a reasonable price. Experience the beauty of the southern Nevada desert without breaking a sweat!

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Cooler Places To Visit During The Summer Desert Temperatures  

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