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SEO Consultants Weigh in on Google Algorithmic Updates and Your Blog SEO The search engine optimization consultants at Master Google provide tips for protecting your site from Google algorithm changes and maintaining the best SEO possible for your site. Evergreen, CO (I- Newswire) July 08, 2012 - Google constantly updates its algorithms in efforts to give users the optimal search engine experience. In June, Master Google released a list of six tips website owners and anyone wanting to know more about Internet marketing SEO can follow to help make sure their sites' Google website ranking isn't damaged by those updates. 1- Constantly Fight Plagiarism Say no to plagiarism. Google does not take duplicate or copied content lightly. A site must pay careful attention to whether they have duplicate content on their domain or have their content cross- posted on other sites. 2- Avoid Writing Only to Rank Higher If a site's content was written to rank at the top of search engines, the site risks being labeled a content farm. This only shows an obsession over keywords and little concern for the site's users. 3- Toss Bad Links (Outbound & Inbound) Web content managers must pay careful attention to sites they've linked to or sites linked to them. Sites can control whom they link to; any link unrelated to their niche can be a red flag for search engines. 4- Add Variety to Backlinks Profile There are multiple categories of sites from where backlinks can be obtained. Aim for links from sources such as .edu, .org, .net, .com, country- specific domains (.ca, .au, and wiki directories. Sites need to make their backlinks profile appear natural to Google. Avoid buying them or building them too quickly. 5- Create Social Signals Search engines such as Google have become capable of understanding people and relationships. Enhancing website or copywriting for SEO can help develop a prominent social presence. 6- Learn SEO Stay informed about search engine optimization as it evolves. Learn More To learn more about search engine optimisation or schedule a free consultation, visit: or call 1-877-932-6559, internationally at +1-303-932-6559. About Master Google Master Google, established in 2004, has mastered industry- standard SEO techniques and developed new ones. Master Google's code- efficiency optimization techniques, along with the highest- quality link building methods, guarantee its clients' websites success with Google and other search engines. © 2012 Master Google. Authorization to post is granted, with the stipulation that Master Google is credited as sole source.

Additional Resources About Sinai Marketing: San Francisco SEO Company Master Google is a company you can trust and rely on when everything about SEO seems confusing. The Costa Mesa search engine optimization firm also offers free consultations. Company Contact Information: Sinai Marketing Ali Husayni 1153 Bergen Pkwy , Suite M 128 80439 Phone: 303 932 6559 Published in: Internet Marketing Tags: internet marketing    search engine optimisation    copywriting for SEO     Published on: July 08, 2012 Original Source: SEO Consultants Weigh in on Google Algorithmic Updates and Your Blog SEO

SEO Consultants Weigh in on Google Algorithmic Updates and Your Blog SEO