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Announcing 2D + : A Transformational Cell Culture Platform. CYTOO SA, a company that specializes in cell- based assays, is pleased to introduce 2D +: A New Dimension in Cell Culture. PRINCETON, NJ (I- Newswire) July 05, 2012 - CYTOO SA, a company that specializes in cell- based assays, is pleased to introduce 2D +: A New Dimension in Cell Culture. Cytoo 2D + Cell Culture Platform is based on the use micro- patterns on plates to drive/ control the behavior and localization of cells in cultures. "It has been realized only recently that modifying cell shape can be a very efficient way to modify cell functions, including cell fate and differentiation. Cells are exquisite mechano- sensing systems and adapt permanently to their boundary conditions. Thus, contrary to the frequent opinion that classical 2D culture on infinite adhesive substrates are more representative of cell behaviour (as cells are 'free' to spread and move), these conditions introduce a considerable, and unnoticed, variability in cell functions. 2D + Technology controls the 3D shape of cultured cells: by controlling the 2D topology of cell adhesion, it also sets the cell shape in the z axis. Global and local actin contractility, cell polarity, organelle positioning, cell division axis, can be precisely controlled in non migrating cells, a situation more similar to that in tissue than the classical 2D culture where cells spread and move in an uncontrolled manner. Similarly, the so- called 1D cell migration on thin adhesive motility tracks is much closer to 3D migration in collagen fibrils network because the thinness of the tracks imposes a very small adhesive contact, favoring cell shape in the z axis and precluding cell spreading. It is a 2D + cell migration. When the width of the motility tracks enlarges and allows full cell spreading, a 2D cell migration is observed in a rectilinear direction" said Michel Bornens, Ph.D, CYTOO Chief Scientific Officer & CNRS Emeritus Research Director at Institut Curie, Paris. CYTOO 2D + Technology generates predictable and reproducible optimized assays. Also, since each micro- pattern is identical (several hundred per well), cells perform in a reproducible and consistent manner. Thus, fewer of precious primary cells and less replicates per data point are needed. In addition, the tightness of the data may enable resurrection of assays that were previously not acceptable due to poor z' (Increasing Assay Performance). Thanks to its unique features, 2D + Cell Culture Platform is not only a cost- saving technology but also allows scientists working with difficult and complex assays to redesign those assays in a standardized, quantitative and simplified manner. Early 2012, CYTOO (Grenoble, France and Boston, MA) and PHARMANEST (Princeton, NJ)have agreed to team up to further promote and develop this breakthrough technology in the US. "As soon as we have organized CYTOO's Portfolio of application under "2D +", the feedback of the industry has been terrific, both from the Academic and Pharma segments. In fact, 2D + address the needs of an industry that is evolving from 2D cell culture platforms to 3D, without the need to change the related imaging platforms" says Mathieu Petitjean, Ph.D., CEO of PharmaNest. CYTOO 2D + platform brings major improvements in culturing cells, to increase cell- based assay reproducibility/ reliability and improve the capacity to achieve a more physiological phenotype in cells cultured on 2D surfaces without resorting to a 3D culture system. In short, 2D + Culture Platform enables a new generation of innovative assays portfolio. About CYTOO CYTOO is a distinctive Life Sciences Systems/ Tools enabling company that currently offers a disruptive solution that brings robustness, sensitivity and powerful quantification to cell- based assays and High Content Screening (HCS). The technology offers exquisite control over the cells' microenvironment, leading to normalized cell morphology and behavior. CYTOO is engaged in developing, manufacturing and commercializing innovative products to the Life Sciences research community (industry and academia). The company has tailored a portfolio of innovative products using its proprietary cell adhesive micropattern technologies to target first its fast growing High Content Screening and Analysis segment within the large cell biology market. CYTOO is headquartered in Grenoble, France. Its US subsidiary, CYTOO Inc., is located in Beverly, MA.

Additional Resources About PHARMANEST: PharmaNest commercializes breakthrough International IND- Enabling Technologies and Services for the US Markets. PharmaNest's business model and highly experienced team empower early stage companies to play in high growth market segments, at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Company Contact Information: PHARMANEST Press Contact 100 Overlook Center, Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone: 609 375 2349 Published in: Science and Research Tags: 2D  assay development    3D Cell Culture    2D cell culture    micro- patterns     Published on: July 05, 2012 Original Source: Announcing 2D + : A Transformational Cell Culture Platform.

Announcing 2D A Transformational Cell Culture Platform  

About PHARMANEST: PharmaNest commercializes breakthrough International IND- Enabling Technologies and Services for the US Markets. PharmaNes...

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