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Volunteer Abroad Program,, Helps Communities in Costa Rica, Ghana and Thailand, an international volunteer abroad program, specializes in the leading three volunteer destinations of Costa Rica, Ghana and Thailand. Wilmington, DE (I- Newswire) July 03, 2012 - There are a number of lessons that can be learned by volunteering and helping others in other countries. Some individuals want to learn a new language or discover new skills in previously undiscovered fields; and discover and test their limits. There are others who value cultural awareness and seek to discover new cultures and values, therefore they step out of the box and immerse themselves in a new environment. Similarly, volunteering helps people in reassessing their life's priorities. It provides an opportunity to evaluate new ways of life and reassess goals. Career development and exploration is also a valid reason for volunteering abroad. People who volunteer abroad are able to boost their resume; and consider new career paths while gaining valuable training and insights. In addition, opportunities for friendships and connection on a global scale are enticing enough. "Our program caters to individuals, families, groups, colleges, local organizations and makes great service trips for spring breaks, alternative vacations, studying abroad, gap years, career breaks or for those just wanting a break from the rat race," explained Nathaniel Amponsah- Manu of uVolunteer is an international volunteer abroad program that offers volunteer overseas holidays and opportunities for individuals, groups and institutions of all nationals. It provides volunteer vacations abroad in Argentina, Bolivia, Kenya, Nepal and Peru, and works with local: NGOs, governments, grass roots organizations and private partners for volunteer projects. "We offer a wide range of projects from Teaching English, Sports / Physical Education, IT and other subjects, to working in Orphanages, Children's Homes and Daycare Centers. We also offer a number of Environmental and Animal Conservation projects working in National Parks and Wildlife Reserves. In addition, we can create projects for professionals in Healthcare, Medicine, Journalism and Law," added Mr. Amponsah. The majority of volunteer abroad projects at uVolunteer take place in Latin America, Africa and Asia. uVolunteer focuses on the three main program destinations of Costa Rica, Ghana and Thailand in the above mentioned regions. Owing to the organization's experience and background knowledge of the countries, the volunteer programs in these locations are coupled with other various programs that are unique and different from other organizations. Participants can choose to be assigned to volunteer in Costa Rica, a volunteer in Ghana or volunteer in Thailand, which are known to be the three great wellknown destinations in need of volunteers. uVolunteer continues to support the programs they have helped to develop and assist by supplying such projects with international volunteers, thereby enhancing the exchange of culture, knowledge and skills. People and groups seeking to explore the world continents for a noble cause and for learning purposes should visit http:// and experience what it truly means to give back to others.

Additional Resources About uVolunteer: uVolunteer is an organization that aims to make volunteering more assessible to more people. It packages its service in a way that make it easy for more people to get involved. Company Contact Information: uVolunteer Nathaniel Amponsah- Manu 501 Silverside Road STE 105, Wilmington, DE 19809 Phone: 302 2451 2159 Published in: Volunteer Tags: Volunteer in Costa Rica  Volunteer in Ghana    Volunteer in Thailand     Published on: July 03, 2012 Original Source: Volunteer Abroad Program,, Helps Communities in Costa Rica, Ghana and Thailand

Volunteer Abroad Program UVolunteerorg Helps Communities in Costa Rica Ghana and  

People and groups seeking to explore the world continents for a noble cause and for learning purposes should visit http:// www.uvolunteer.or...

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