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Cannabis Addiction Community Helps Provide Support To Those Struggling To Quit features a message board forum that is dedicated to helping people quit addiction to cannabis. Thorney, UK (I- Newswire) July 02, 2012 - In more ways than one, forums are generally accepted as beneficial to participants. Arguably the most important benefit that a forum brings is the exchange of ideas and information. Members of forums can quickly offer answers and support to other members who have pressing questions about a specific topic. is a website that enables individuals to participate in a wide variety of discussions online. Among the many subject matters and topics being talked about is cannabis, a substance that has a physically addictive potential and can cause serious problems for those who become addicted to it. offers a message board forum dedicated to discussing the effects of weed, featuring facts about marijuana and with emphasis on quitting cannabis addiction. The forum also tackles pot withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, depression, mental health, dependence, tolerance and abuse as it relates to cannabis abuse. serves as a support forum for people who consider their marijuana use to be a problem and want to detox from the drug. In it, users and families tell their stories and sufferers of cannabis addiction are welcome no matter how many times they have tried to quit. Cannabis addicts who feel that they need professional drug treatment, rehabilitation, or a local support group can also turn to Participation in is completely anonymous, so people do not have to use their real name. The website also guarantees to never share any of participants' details with anybody else. In addition, a participant does not have to register to be able to post and only prefer to participate as an unregistered guest. does not set specific rules other than requiring its members and participants to show support, courtesy and respect to fellow forum joiners. To prevent untoward incidents from happening within the forum, the site is set to moderation, with posts usually approved within a few hours. At, participants may set up their own forum and lead the discussions on the cannabis addiction topic. Starters should manage all aspects of your forum and its members, posts and threads. To learn more about cannabis addiction and answers to questions about quitting, visit http:// to connect with other members who have quit successfully.

Additional Resources About Forum Matters: is a message board forum dedicated to helping people quit cannabis. Company Contact Information: Forum Matters Jason Parker 35 Buckingham Rd., Thorney, UK NG23 2XY Phone: 7833396568 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: addiction    cannabis addiction help    marijuana withdrawal symptoms     Published on: July 02, 2012 Original Source: Cannabis Addiction Community Helps Provide Support To Those Struggling To Quit

Cannabis Addiction Community Helps Provide Support To Those Struggling To Quit