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Building Bridges: A Community in Progress Entitled To Educate, LLC is convening a multi- generational conglomerate to empower entrepreneurs, parents, and students, while reconciling the communities and organizations they lift in their progress. Baltimore, MD (I- Newswire) June 27, 2012 - Entitled To Educate, LLC (a community empowering firm) is a new company with an old spirit. Launched in Baltimore, Maryland, in November 2011, Entitled To Educate (E2E) believes in the strength and vitality of a community organized in action. With a goal to establish sound partnerships and effective practices, facilitated by proactively encouraging parents and entrepreneurs, E2E empowers communities to come together to develop and provide opportunities from within. E2E takes the time- honored "village takes responsibility" approach and empowers individual action toward the collective goal. Sharing this vision of community empowerment by way of authentic reconciliation is The Women's Interdependence Network (WinOne) of Fort Washington, Maryland. Founded in 1999, WinOne is a nonprofit organization committed to emboldening women to combat the immoral and unethical attitudes that have undermined the true meaning of womanhood. Women are strengthened by each other, so the need for reconciliation is paramount. WinOne is the first official partner of E2E, having helped to reconcile and manifest the vision of E2E that was birthed several years ago. After only 6 months of active duty, the partnership between WinOne and E2E is already poised to impact hundreds of community members, right here in the Greater Washington, D.C., and Baltimore metropolitan areas. Current outreach exists primarily under the umbrella of the E2E Common C.O.R.E. Program (Communities Organized to Revitalize Education), whereby this partnership "adopted" the Holy Trinity Worship Center in Northwest Washington, D.C., and now serves approximately 40 students and their families. E2E provides strategic and programmatic development in support of Holy Trinity's "Helping Hands" Tutoring Program, and WinOne supports this faith- based community program with a team of volunteer tutors and the employment of a dedicated Parent Liaison. Entitled To Educate believes: •Parents engaged in practices that develop their children's learning skills encourage student achievement in their schools. •Programs that empower the aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs in your community bring wealth to your community. •Communities effectively organized, establish a voice that must be heard. Entitled To Educate, LLC partners and associates are highly trained, real- world professionals. We bring you a unique multi- generational blend of traditional insight, modern awareness, and progressive thinking backed by multiple levels of certified training and licensure in areas of Life Skills Development, Parent and Community Leadership, Marketing and Business Management, Community Assessment, and School- based Cultural Audits. Entitled To Educate, LLC and partners build bridges. Take a step toward an empowered tomorrow. Contact us today.

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About Entitled To Educate, LLC: Entitled To Educate, LLC, embraces the definition of community as "organized and in fellowship with each other, committed to working toward common goals" and furthermore believes that successful communities are achieved by the active empowerment of its members. Primary services are: Parent Empowerment and Leadership Training, Entrepreneurial Development, and Non- Profit Organization Support. Company Contact Information: Entitled To Educate, LLC PR Dept. PO Box 295 Randallstown, MD 21133 Phone: 443-863-9323 Published in: Coaching / Mentoring Tags: Education  Empowerment    programs    mentoring    tutoring    parent engagement    Community Partnerships     Published on: June 27, 2012 Original Source: Building Bridges: A Community in Progress

Building Bridges A Community in Progress  

About Entitled To Educate, LLC: Entitled To Educate, LLC, embraces the definition of community as "organized and in fellowship with each oth...