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Home Organization Kindle Book By Gleam Guru Releases Tips And Techniques To Declutter Home, a company that provides eBooks detailing organizing tips for around the house, is offering the Amazon best- seller "Get Organized!" for a clutter- free home via Kindle. New York, NY (I- Newswire) June 25, 2012 - Clutter has been called the "stagnant energy" that needs to be removed from anyone's life. Doing so helps free up space and time for things that need to be prioritized and get done. However, it is not uncommon to find things in a house being disorganized. From large cabinetry to tiny drawers, these areas of the home must be used efficiently and with careful planning. Sometimes requiring homeowners to rethink first in order to create an area of a home that is refreshed and reorganized. That said, however, organizing any part of the home can be quite overwhelming without a solid game plan. It can be a tiresome task as well, requiring the use of the right tools, tips and methods. "Get Organized!" is a 12- month home clutter killer guide. Currently in its 2nd Edition, the guide contains valuable information that make organizing the house, de- cluttering it and cleaning it to perfection a breeze. It is the top- ranking Amazon Bestseller in "Home & Garden" and "Cleaning, Caretaking & Relocating," and bigger, better and beautifully illustrated. "Get Organized!" is offered through Gleam Guru, a company specializing in Kindle books that help homeowners live in a home free from disorganization. The website details that "Get Organized" is easy for anyone to follow, featuring tips that are broken down into easily manageable sections. Gleam Guru notes that any plan is at its most effective when presented as an achievable feat. As such, the 12- month guide breaks up a large- scale project into smaller, bite size, pieces to help people have a completely organized home in a year - or even push through the plan faster with the right motivation. "Get Organized!" helps homeowners step back from the chaos and create a plan. In particular, it comes with must- know decluttering tips and advice for the whole family, including ways to clean any room at lightning speed; ideas to create event errand and chore charts; storage solutions for the home; personalized cleaning checklists; as well as tips to help children get organized. All purchasers of the "Get Organized!" Kindle book are entitled to download home cleaning checklists and planning sheets. To learn more to get on the path to be clutter free please visit http:// for more information.

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About Gleam Guru: GleamGuru is a company that provides Kindle Books detailing organizing and cleaning tips for around the house. Company Contact Information: Gleam Guru Colette Leigh Published in: Home and Family Tags: how to organize    get organized    clutter free     Published on: June 25, 2012 Original Source: Home Organization Kindle Book By Gleam Guru Releases Tips And Techniques To Declutter Home

Home Organization Kindle Book By Gleam Guru Releases Tips And Techniques To Decl