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Rich Blaum Reviews 3 Top Destinations For Family Travel As tourism continues to thrive, more and more extraordinary destinations continue to open and offer world class escapes for families from around the globe. Rich Blaum invites you to look at three of these top destinations in 2012. Michigan (I- Newswire) June 25, 2012 - As summer has officially arrived, so too has the time for family vacations. Competition in the world of travel is just a fierce as in other aspects of the business world today. As the tourist industry continues to boom in the United States and across the globe, areas search for their niche. One such niche which appears to be growing is that of the family travel sect. As people have less time to travel and a desire for only the best, some areas are simply excelling in the world of family travel today, offering premier family activities including theme parks, adventures, learning experiences or cost effective travel options. Whatever their specific appeal, family tourism is up in many areas. Although you can have a family travel experience almost anywhere, there are some areas that simply stand out from the rest. Three of the top include Orlando, Florida, San Diego, California and Nassau, Bahamas. Orlando, Florida Not only a top family destination, but also in the U.S. in general, Orlando recently released its numbers for tourism in 2011. Welcoming over 55 million tourists, it became the U.S. number one most visited city, beating out other cities including New York and San Francisco. It seems quite obvious what makes Orlando so popular for children, home to Disney, Sea World and many other theme parks, it also caters to the family by offering cost effective and family friendly accommodations just about everywhere. Getting around is easy and with all the things to see and do, Orlando keeps every part of the family amused, both young and young at heart. San Diego, California Not only does San Diego offer amazing year round weather and generally sunny conditions, but as home to many world famous attractions. Catering to children, it includes destinations such as Sea World and Balboa Park and isn in a class all its own. Offering rides, attractions, shopping, dining, world class beaches, ample choices for accommodations and more, it is easy to see what keeps San Diego ranking high for travel for couples, friends and families alike. Nassau, Bahamas Home to one of the most famous of all family attractions in the Caribbean and indeed the world of travel today as a whole, Nassau welcomes millions to its shores to explore and enjoy the Lost City of Atlantis. Once a part of myth, it is now reality with the multi billion dollar resort and casino. Offering water playgrounds, pools, waterslides and other activities and entertainment options, kids are kept occupied for days. For the adults, 35 restaurants, a casino, spa and beautiful lagoons, fish tanks and even the beach are there catering to the adult side of fun.

Additional Resources About Rich Blaum: Rich has traveled the world himself and can share many of his experiences as well as travel trends. Company Contact Information: Rich Blaum Published in: Travel Tags: travel    Rich Blaum    Richard Blaum     Published on: June 25, 2012 Original Source: Rich Blaum Reviews 3 Top Destinations For Family Travel

Rich Blaum Reviews 3 Top Destinations For Family Travel