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Wordpress Coupon Now Offers Coupons for PandaThemes Wordpress Coupon, the leading website of Wordpress theme coupon codes, is proud to announce that it now offers coupons for PandaThemes. Los Angeles, Ca (I- Newswire) June 22, 2012 - Wordpress Coupon, the leading website of Wordpress theme coupon codes, is proud to announce that it now offers coupons for PandaThemes, in addition to its existing roster of WP Zon builder coupon codes, Studio Press coupon codes, Solostream coupon codes, Woo Themes discount coupon codes and Theme Trust discount code options. This is a welcome piece of news for bloggers and website administrators alike who are using the Wordpress blogging platform, as the Wordpress Coupon provides hundreds of affordable options in creating a professional, sleek website design. Wordpress is an open source blogging platform, favored by millions of bloggers and website owners. The largest blogging tool in the world, Wordpress offers extensive options for customization and ease of use, ranging from pre- built designs to sandbox themes, which can be totally customized by programmers. The Wordpress community includes a wide variety of custom theme designs, plugins and other features. Many of these themes and plugins are free, while others are available for a nominal cost. PandaThemes, which can be found at, is a provider of premium Wordpress themes. These themes provide a slick, professional themes, designed by professional website designers. Many of the themes provided by PandaThemes feature extensive customization options and a large selection of shortcodes for such items as sliders or buttons, making the insertion of these objects into the website a breeze even for those unfamiliar with web coding. The PandaThemes selection of premium themes provides an affordable option for business or blog owners who want a professional website without the extravagant price tag often associated with custom designs from website design agencies. Wordpress Coupon makes creating a professional- looking website even more affordable by offering a discount of 20% off the retail price on PandaThemes products. The discount never expires, so interested customers can feel confident that their purchase is legitimate. The discount can be obtained at the following web address: http:// theme- designers/ pandathemes- coupon- codes/ Wordpress Coupon is the leading online provider of coupons for Wordpress- related products. Unlike many other websites claiming to offer discounts on Wordpress themes and other offerings, the discount codes provided by Wordpress Coupon are entirely legitimate and guaranteed to be honored by all retailers offering the products. Wordpress Coupon provides coupons for premium Wordpress themes, Wordpress plugins and hosting for Wordpress blogs, at discounts ranging from 10% to 70%. Many of these discounts have a lifelong expiration date, meaning that they never expire. Interested readers can visit Wordpress Coupon at

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About Wordpress Coupons: WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. It provides an endless amount of opportunities ranging from helping you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to providing your visitors with what they need to interact with your site and share it via various social media networks. Here at WordPress coupon we work hard to provide you with an easy way to save money on the best WordPress plugins and WordPress themes in the world. Many websites claim to do this and prove that it's nothing but a failure and a waste of their visitors' time. Our experts make sure that each moment you spend here is as valuable as it can possibly be. Company Contact Information: Wordpress Coupons Donald M. Carlock 1347 Sherwood Circle Lake Charles, LA 70601 Phone: 337-263-7766 Published in: Blogging & Social Media Tags: wordpress coupons    WP Zon Builder Coupon Code    theme trust discount code    studio press coupon    solostream coupon    theme forest coupon    gravity forms coupon     Published on: June 22, 2012 Original Source: Wordpress Coupon Now Offers Coupons for PandaThemes

Wordpress Coupon Now Offers Coupons for PandaThemes