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Bidets Plus Offers Coway BA13 Bidet Seat Bidets Plus, an industry leader in providing premium bidets to North America, now offers the Coway BA13 bidet seat. Montrose, Ca (I- Newswire) June 20, 2012 - Bidets Plus, an industry leader in providing premium bidets to North America, now offers the Coway BA13 bidet seat. The BA13 showcases the latest advancements in bidet technology available only from Coway, a trusted innovator in home health technology. Bidet seats have long been popular world- wide and are slowly gaining popularity in North America. Bidets are prized for their hygienic, non- irritating wash and ease of use. With the modern bidet toilet seat, it is simple to convert any existing toilet into a bidet. The best in full- featured, luxury bidets come from Asia- based companies such as Coway, a South Korean company that has recently begun importing to North America. Comparable to Japanese bidet seats, such as the Bio Bidet BB 1000 toilet seat, the Coway BA13 is a top- of- the- line bidet. It is the first to feature fully adjustable, stainless steel nozzles. Stainless steel is more durable and easy to clean than alternatives such as plastic tubing. Not only are the BA13's two nozzles position- adjustable, the spray width can be also adjusted to either a more broad, gentle spray or a more concentrated spray for a fully personalized wash. The nozzles are also uniquely hygienic. They extend for easy cleaning, and at the press of a button, the nozzles can be coated with an anti- bacterial silver oxide spray. All of these options are easy to access on the seat's wireless remote control. The heated bidet toilet seat also features a tankless water heater, oscillating sprays, air deodorizer, and an energy saver mode. These options are in addition to the air dryer, temperature adjustments and water pressure adjustments that are expected standards with a luxury electric bidet seat. Despite its extensive feature list, the Coway BA13 is a compact and contemporary bidet seat. Its sleek, modern lines are designed to be less obtrusive than other bidets and fit 98% of toilets. It is available as either an elongated lid or a round lid, and the seat comes standard with slow- close technology. Bidets Plus offers the Coway BA12 in addition to other luxury and travel bidet models. Bidets Plus is a company based out of Montrose, California dedicated not only to selling bidets but to educating the public about their use and benefits. Bidets Plus is proud offer the Coway BA13 and all other models with free shipping within the continental United States and Canada. With its innovative options and contemporary design, the Coway BA13 may be the best toilet bidet on the market.

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About bidetsPLUS, LLC: Discover the popular bidet seat, which easily attaches to your current toilet.. Company Contact Information: bidetsPLUS, LLC Jensen Lee 4146 Ocean View Blvd. Montrose, CA 91020 Phone: 888.388.5658 Published in: Home and Family Tags: japanese bidet    Brondell Swash 1000 seat    electric bidet seat    best toilet bidet    top bidet toilets    bio bidet bb 1000 toilet seat    heated bidet toilet seat     Published on: June 20, 2012 Original Source: Bidets Plus Offers Coway BA13 Bidet Seat

Bidets Plus Offers Coway BA13 Bidet Seat