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ConsignPro Helps Brides Cut Costs with Resale Items Many modern brides are turning to creative ways to reduce their wedding budget and make sure the event is still memorable. Brian Wilson, of ConsignPro, believes that consignment wedding gowns are an option to maintain quality and still save money. Miami Beach, Florida (I- Newswire) June 19, 2012 - Popular reality shows from Bridezillas to Say Yes to the Dress, demonstrate just how expensive modern weddings can be; trends that may have potential brides worrying about the finances behind their upcoming nuptials. A new article from The Huffington Post observes a few creative solutions to maintaining the joy of the traditional wedding for a fraction of the price. Among these ideas, the author suggests using faux flowers, serving cupcakes and buying inexpensive wine. However, one of the largest costs for a bride is the wedding gown. The article reveals that consignment wedding gowns are a great value that does not compromise quality. According to Brian Wilson, maker of ConsignPro consignment shop software, stores that offer gowns are becoming increasingly popular and should not be overlooked by new brides. The article observes that for many brides, the idea of buying a dress purchased by someone else can feel impersonal and unfitting. However, many bridal consignment stores provide a wide range of dresses that are typically not even used. Most of these stores accept dresses from women whose weddings did not happen or those who found a more suitable gown. This means that consumers can find wedding gowns that are basically new for as much as eighty percent off retail value. The article adds that these massive savings can allow a couple to use the unspent money on a certain aspect of the wedding, or for something different altogether. Couples can put the money towards their new lives, a great honeymoon or into a savings account to ensure a successful future. Even for successful entrepreneurs, such as Brian Wilson, the idea of cutting back unnecessary wedding costs is appealing. ConsignPro has helped several consignment stores, including those that sell wedding gowns, and distribute quality products by improving point- of- sales business procedures. In working with over 3,000 stores, Wilson has discovered that resellers typically offer high- quality, must- have items. He agrees with the article's statement that "[bridal gown] 'consignment' isn't code for a gaudy explosion of taffeta from the '80s." For those who are skeptical about such options, Wilson assures that these stores are growing. "Here at ConsignPro, we've helped five Bridal Resale Shops get setup just this year. Second to furniture and home décor, bridal is the fastest growing segment of the resale industry. ABOUT: Since its inception in 1996, ConsignPro software has helped over 3,000 consignment shops organize transactional business and promote convenience through user- friendly point- of- sales procedures. Originally developed for his mother's resell shop, Brian Wilson learned that his software could help many businesses grow and expand to offer eager consumers a chance to get great deals on high- quality items. The ConsignPro team has adapted the application to changing technological trends throughout the last fifteen years, and is prepared to bring even greater solutions to stores as consignment becomes more popular. Today, the business helps stores that include consignment clothing, art galleries and bridal gown resellers. Visit to learn about what ConsignPro software and tools can do for your business.

Additional Resources Company Contact Information: PR Authority Michael McGarety 10 W. Trade St. New York, NY 10005 Phone: 888-863-3776 Published in: Shopping Tags: ConsignPro  ConsignPro Software     Published on: June 19, 2012 Original Source: ConsignPro Helps Brides Cut Costs with Resale Items

ConsignPro Helps Brides Cut Costs with Resale Items  

The article observes that for many brides, the idea of buying a dress purchased by someone else can feel impersonal and unfitting. However,...

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