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Samsung Galaxy S III Review Samsung again delivers an exceptional high end phone, taking it's place at the top of the food chain again. Large, slick, powerful - the Galaxy S III is a step above. Get discounted accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S III at Provo, Utah (I- Newswire) June 17, 2012 - The Samsung Galaxy line has once again produced an exceptional high end phone. The Galaxy line has been one of its best and highest rated aspects and the Samsung Galaxy S III is just another example of fine workmanship combined with state- of- the- art technology. While not as large as the Samsung Galaxy Note, the S III is a large phone, measuring 5.38 by 2.78 by 0.34 inches. The average person should not expect to be able to use this one handed, however, it is comfortable to hold with a Hyperglaze coating on the back, rounded corners, and a smaller bezel. The S III has 3 buttons on under the screen - a home button, back button and menu button. The home button is in such a place that it is slightly difficult to get to if you try to use the phone one handed. The display is in a world all of its own. It is 4.8 inches with 720x1280 pixel resolution, resulting in 306ppi. The AMOLED display may look a little unnatural because no other screen comes close to this brightness and saturation. The S III is incredibly responsive and loads apps and webpages almost instantly. The S III has some awesome new features, including S Beam, which allows you to transfer a file to another phone with S Beam by just touching the phones together. SmartStay keeps the display on by reading your eyes, letting the device know when your eyes are diverted or closed. S Voice is the Android equivalent to Siri on Apple phones. The keyboard is amazing. Because the screen is so large, pushing the letters you need is easy, so you can compose texts, messages and emails with ease. Behind the display is a Snapdragon S4 dual core 1.5GHz processor with an Adreno 225 graphics processor and 2GB of RAM. We highly recommend having a secure car mount if you plan on using your phone in the car. This will keep you and those around you safe by keeping the phone in one place instead of sliding around your car and you can keep both hands on the wheel. The Samsung Galaxy S III ExoMount features the world's best suction technology so you can mount your smartphone or GPS device to almost any nonporous flat surface - glass, plastic, metal, wood, and even drywall. The wide- jaw clamp easily accommodates devices with screens up to 5 inches and rotates to your preferred Samsung Galaxy S III viewing angle. We also recommend having a Bluetooth headset for working, playing and driving. Because the Samsung Galaxy S III is so large, some may find they prefer the comfort of a Bluetooth headset instead of holding a large device against your head. Looking for your first Bluetooth headset? The Jabra EASYGO makes choosing easy. It gives you all the extraordinary benefits of Samsung Galaxy S III hands free conversation at a no- nonsense price. There are no complex functions and installation is fast and straightforward. The Jabra EASYGO is stylish yet discreet, and its lightness and shape make it a joy to wear. It has DSP technology for crystal clear sound and an automatic volume control that keeps volume constant even when you move between quiet and noisy environments. It also has Voice Guidance that tells you when it is connected to your Samsung Galaxy S III phone and if you need to recharge it. You can even pair the Jabra EASYGO with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Use it at work, on- foot or in the car. A quality headset that sounds and looks great, the Jabra EASYGO makes it easy to talk on the move.

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About Discountcell Inc: Discountcell is an online retailer that specializes in cell phone accessories. Shop cell phone cases, chargers, headsets, car kits, pouches, covers and more all at a discount. Company Contact Information: Discountcell Inc Allan King 350 west 500 south 84601 Phone: 801-235-9809 Published in: Technology Tags: cellular phone accessories  cell phone accessories    Samsung accessories    Samsung Galaxy S III    Samsung Galaxy S III accessories     Published on: June 17, 2012 Original Source: Samsung Galaxy S III Review

Samsung Galaxy S III Review  
Samsung Galaxy S III Review  

Company Contact Information: Discountcell Inc Allan King 350 west 500 south 84601 Phone: 801-235-9809 Additional Images Samsung again delive...