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Knightsbridge Advisors AG Zurich Investment Management Knightsbridge Advisors AG provides investment management rooted in serving its clients' best interests. Zurich (I- Newswire) June 16, 2012 - At Knightsbridge Advisors AG, they acknowledge that global markets have been volatile and a somber mood pervades among investors. It is during times like these that opportunities for substantial gains actually present themselves to those who are astute enough to recognize them. This is the crux of the company's philosophy. Notwithstanding it being a new entrant in the investment management business, the company stands ready to serve clients who are willing to join the ranks of investors seeking meaningful long- term gains with their idle cash by providing them with a carefully selected portfolio of financial instruments that reflect their risk profiles. The company has always pointed out the importance of having an investment portfolio to supplement the job- related income of its clients. "Everyone knows the importance of working hard to make money. However, not everyone knows that it's equally important to make your hard- earned money work hard for you. That's what we're here for," says Martin Brady, a Senior Asset Manager for Knightsbridge Advisors AG. The company stands ready to guide its clients towards meeting their individual long- term objectives. The idea that investors can be collectively lumped into a homogenous portfolio of financial instruments is increasingly losing its appeal. This is a weakness that large industry players are facing because they are saddled with a staggering level of fixed expenses. This is the competitive advantage offered by Knightsbridge Advisors AG. "Our clients are looking for something different… something more personalized and suited to them. We take the time to do just that," says Mary Long, Senior Asset Manager for Knightsbridge Advisors AG. The fundamental key to building a long- term relationship with clients is trust. Clients who have had traumatic experiences through opaquely valued investments that are usually proprietary products of their investment advisors have learned the painful way that conflicts of interests in compensation can skew things unfavorably and with dire financial consequences. Knightsbridge Advisors AG recognizes this and knows that it is not the proper way to grow. Short- term gains at the expense of clients always end on a sour note. It has never worked for the long term. The financial crisis of 2008 proved that. The erosion of trust in a firm is a nail in its coffin and undermines the interest of the financial services industry as a whole. The company's staff of well- trained professionals knows this by heart. Full and fair disclosure is the norm and conflicts of interest are avoided as much as possible. "Educating clients is part of our service. We encourage our clients to ask us where our money line is on a particular recommendation we offer. We do not subscribe to the idea that canned responses are effective," says Karl Jordan, Senior Asset Manager for the company All portfolios are monitored and significant events are promptly relayed to clients. Briefings and updates containing the asset manager's insights are also provided for the convenience of clients. "It's important for clients to know that we are on top of things. They appreciate our vigilance in managing their investments," says Romwaldo Ong, Senior Asset Manager for the company. With all of this working in its favor, Knightsbridge Advisors AG stands ready to accept new clients. The company's team of investment professionals stands ready to help clients achieve their long- term goals.

Additional Resources About Knightsbridge Advisors AG: Knightsbridge Advisors AG is a Switzerland- based licensed and regulated Asset Management firm. Knightsbridge Advisors AG is dedicated in providing profitable investment strategies to their clients from a class of high yield investment alternatives. Company Contact Information: Knightsbridge Advisors AG Alex Fortin Stockerstrasse 39 1665 Zurich 8027 Switzerland Phone: +41 435081048 Published in: Business Tags: Switzerland    Zurich    Knightsbridge Advisors AG     Published on: June 16, 2012 Original Source: Knightsbridge Advisors AG Zurich Investment Management

Knightsbridge Advisors AG Zurich Investment Management