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Semiconductor Water Is Key Focus of May/ June Ultrapure Water Journal Semiconductor water treatment is the focus of the May/ June issue of ULTRAPURE WATER journal. The issue is available for reading at LITTLETON, Colo. (I- Newswire) June 15, 2012 - The latest issue of ULTRAPURE WATER journal examines key issues related to high- purity water used in semiconductor manufacturing. Water markets, materials of construction, and particle removal all discussed in articles found in the current issue. The issue's business article by Seth Cutler examines the semiconductor and solar water treatment markets. He noted in the article that the microelectronics industry is likely to have the greatest amount of new fab construction in Asia, while in North America, Europe, and Japan that the industry will focus on reinvestment to enhance current operations and performance. Mr. Cutler, a researcher with Frost & Sullivan, said he expects the semiconductor water treatment market to grow from $985 million in 2011 to nearly $1.4 billion by 2016. Those figures include water and wastewater treatment equipment, and design and engineering services. "The continuing and growing critical process needs for high- purity water and its increasing cost in relation to equipment investment will drive investment in wastewater recycling/ reuse equipment," writes Mr. Cutler. One driver affecting the market will be technology developments that allow for making microchips with narrower lines and smaller sizes. These will drive the water industry to invest more in membranes and instruments capable of meeting those treatment requirements. "These drivers help bring stable growth to the semiconductor and solar PV markets, which are inherently cyclical and highly reactive to consumer demand," Mr. Cutler observed. Mr. Cutler's article may be viewed at: http:// DigitalAnywhere/ viewer.aspx? id=51&pageId=9&refid=468793&s=undefined. Drs. Brigitte Neubauer and Giovanni Biressi examine the steam sterilization of PVDF piping systems. This approach is applicable in pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications. Some applications do allow for the use of disinfectant chemicals to sterilize piping systems; however, in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries outside chemicals are not used to protect water quality, so hot water, and steam are viable alternatives. The full article is available at: http:// DigitalAnywhere/ viewer.aspx? id=51&pageId=12&refid=468795&s=undefined. Authors Don Grant, Dr. Dennis Chilcote, and Dr. Uwe Beuscher examine the removal of 12- nanometer (nm) particles from high- purity water through ultrafiltration and microfiltration (http:// DigitalAnywhere/ viewer.aspx? id=51&pageId=17&refid=468793&s=undefined). The drive to remove particles down to 12- nm in size comes because of technology advancements in semiconductor device manufacturing. The newest products need even purer high- purity water in order to protect against product failures caused by water used during the manufacturing process. Microfiltration and ultrafiltration are favored technologies and the article reviews research on the effectiveness of these technologies in treating semiconductor- grade water. This article describes a new method that allows the measurement of filter retention efficiency for particles as small as 5 nm in diameter. Authors Ed Cellucci and Greg Michalchuk review another aspect of particle contamination in high- purity water from valves and joints used in piping systems. The article notes that research has found that "pressure regulators and other fluid control components contributed to significant levels of metal ion contamination and particle shedding", which hurt microchip yields at North American semiconductor fabs. The article is available at: http:// DigitalAnywhere/ viewer.aspx? id=51&pageId=24&refid=468795&s=undefined. The May/ June issue's Back to Basics column by William Harfst examines cleaning approaches for reverse osmosis membranes. ULTRAPURE WATER publisher Tall Oaks Publishing also publishes INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT magazine. Each publication comes out six times yearly. Tall Oaks also organizes conferences and will be conducting ULTRAPURE WATER- Asia July 4-5 in Singapore as part of Singapore International Water Week. More information is available at: http:// Conferences/ UPWAsia.aspx. Additionally, Tall Oaks Publishing offers an extensive listing of industrial and high- purity water treatment books through its on- line bookstore on- line bookstore. A complete listing of books and CDs offered is available at http:// Zencart/ Index.php. The web site also offers details about Premier Subscriptions to INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT and ULTRAPURE WATER. Information about advertising is available by calling 303/973-6700, or by emailing

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About ULTRAPURE WATER journal and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT: INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT magazine and ULTRAPURE WATER are bi- monthly on- line journals published by Tall Oaks Publishing that follow the business and technology of water treatment. INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT covers water used at industrial facilities, while ULTRAPURE WATER focuses on high- purity water treatment such as used by the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and power generation industries. Additionally, the company organizes the ULTRAPURE WATER Pharma, ULTRAPURE WATER Micro, ULTRAPURE WATER Asia, and WATER EXECUTIVE Forum conferences, and offers books and CDs on key water treatment technologies through its extensive on- line bookstore. Since 1984, the two journals have published more than 1,800 technical articles on water treatment topics. Information is available at these Internet sites: http://, and http:// Company Contact Information: ULTRAPURE WATER journal and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT Mike Henley, editor Phone: 303-745-3890 Published in: Water Tags: singapore  water treatment    semiconductors    Water Business    Ultrapure Water journal    

singapore  water treatment    semiconductors    Water Business    Ultrapure Water journal     Published on: June 15, 2012 Original Source: Semiconductor Water Is Key Focus of May/ June Ultrapure Water Journal

Semiconductor Water Is Key Focus of MayJune Ultrapure Water Journal  
Semiconductor Water Is Key Focus of MayJune Ultrapure Water Journal  

Published in: Water Mr. Cutler, a researcher with Frost & Sullivan, said he expects the semiconductor water treatment market to grow fro...