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Singapore Property Investment Offers Excellent Opportunities A housing loan information service provider in Singapore, explains why Singapore is a good place for foreign property investments. Singapore (I- Newswire) June 12, 2012 - Property investment in foreign countries is an increasingly popular trend among businesses and individuals. Despite the risks involved, the benefits of investing in properties in emerging markets, such as Singapore, can be too lucrative to not warrant reconsideration. The tax benefits of foreign investment are also attracting property investors to pursue a foreign venture. However, finding the right loan can sometimes be difficult in terms securing the ideal housing loan interest rates. With so many property loan packages available in Singapore, the task of comparing all of them requires a great deal of time and effort. Helping buyers locate the financing for their next purchase, the company is a team of committed experts to help investors find the most suitable property loan for them. The website notes that the loans that someone can qualify for in Singapore can depend on a number of factors including property type, age, size, completed or under construction, loan size, and loan to value. Mr Sashi from Yio Chu Kang enthuses about the level of service he received: "I came to to refinance my house. They responded to my email on a Saturday within 6 hours. In 1 week I had 3 confirmed offers at the best rates in Singapore, much better than my current package. The support, service and outcomes are a pleasant and delightful surprise." Each week, the team attends to scores of home buyers and home owners seeking credible up- to- date information on home loan rates, loan- to- value qualification and property investment. The research team also sends out an invitation- only weekly newsletter to an ever increasing VIP list of property hunters, keeping them updated on the latest news and information about property loans and investments in Singapore. In particular, their services focus on assisting clients in collating timely and accurate information on commercial, industrial and personal property loans in the country. The website also contains valuable insight about home loans, and decisions to refinance it. To learn about property investment loan options in Singapore, investors can visit their website for more details.

Additional Resources About Housing loan services provider in Singapore. The company helps home buyers quickly narrow down on the best housing loans that they qualify for. In addition, the company assists home owners to quickly find the best available housing loans for refinance and home equity loan. Company Contact Information: Media Relations Published in: Business Tags: refinance  home loan rates    housing loan     Published on: June 12, 2012 Original Source: Singapore Property Investment Offers Excellent Opportunities

Singapore Property Investment Offers Excellent Opportunities  

Company Contact Information: Media Relations Mr Sashi from Yio Chu Kang enthuses about the level of service he rece...