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Trummell Valdera Corroborates Expert Assertion of the Importance of Workforce Inclusion Engelmeier asserts that inclusion is an important aspect of contemporary global business. When achieved, she believes it gives American businesses an edge in the market. Trummell Valdera agrees, but cites innovation as one of the many side effects. Bethany, DE (I- Newswire) June 13, 2012 - Forbes reports that Shirley Engelmeier, a highly regarded inclusion and diversity strategist, believes inclusion to be the solution organizations are looking for when keeping up with rapidly changing customer bases. Trummell Valdera , an HR expert who specializes in workforce inclusion and change management, agrees with Engelmeier about the importance of inclusion. In fact, she sees it as a way for organizations to develop more innovative products, services, and operational tactics. According to the aforementioned article, Engelmeier asserts that a global business outlook has changed the way organizations operate. Inclusion, she explains, "is a call to action within the workforce that means actively involving every employee's ideas, knowledge, perspectives, approaches, and styles to maximize business success." Engelmeier believes that workforce inclusion, as described above, will allow companies to achieve higher goals with regard to "productivity, retention, engagement, morale, and innovation." By seriously considering the value that each employee has to offer, organizations can make their employees feel more highly appreciated- which improves morale and increases loyalty. Trummell Valdera agrees. Valdera adds that the effects of workforce inclusion on the work environment often translate into increased success for the organization. Employees who feel valued, who believe they make a difference in the company for which they work, are more motivated to go the extra mile to help their employer achieve success; and collectively the organization and its' employees do make a difference! "When companies dedicate time and energy to creating an environment of inclusion, they are creating a working atmosphere that fosters creativity, innovation, and problem solving," commented Trummell Valdera. "Employees who come from different backgrounds, be them ethnic, educational, socioeconomic, etc., offer new perspectives from which an organization can view the market, its target demographic, and how its products and services can best reach the intended clients. Now only does such an atmosphere increase the success of a corporation- particularly in a global setting- it creates a positive work environment that benefits both employees and customers." As the business world becomes more and more globalized, Trummell Valdera believes that organizations will have to adapt more quickly to the needs of a diverse customer base. Having a varied workforce that fosters inclusion is one of the most important components of an organization that is ready to take on the challenges that globalization will present. ABOUT: Trummell Valdera is a highly experienced human resources expert who is widely regarded as an invaluable change agent within the field. Over the course of her career, she has developed the ability to act as a business partner to help organizations achieve their talent management and organizational transformation objectives. Trummell Valdera is a highly talented senior level strategist who offers policy development, execution of targeted HR strategies, cultural transformation, and talent management. An organizational transformation guru, Trummell Valdera is a well- respected leader who calls upon strategic talent management and cultural transformation to lead the successful management of human capital.

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Trummell Valdera Corroborates Expert Assertion of the Importance of Workforce In