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Julian Bakery Helps Dieters, Celiac Patients Cope with Gluten Restrictions Going gluten- free has become the latest diet craze, but it is not something new for people suffering from Celiac Disease.Julian Bakery carries a wide array of gluten- free low carb products to help Celiac patients cope with their dietary restrictions. La Jolla, California (I- Newswire) June 13, 2012 - Going "gluten- free" is the latest diet craze, but according to a FOX News article, the concept itself is not something new. People diagnosed with Celiac Disease have to avoid products containing gluten, but somehow, the idea has spread far and wide with major food retailers, like Domino's Pizza, selling gluten- free crust, especially for Celiac sufferers. Julian Bakery recognizes the needs of individuals with Celiac Disease by offering low carb gluten- free products. Gluten is a protein, containing gliadin and glutenin, in wheat that helps dough rise and shape. If Celiac patients digest gluten, their immune system responds by destroying the small intestine. Sometimes, people are not aware they have the disease because the symptoms are similar to other common illnesses, such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and intestinal infections. The National Digestive Diseases Clearinghouse estimates more than 2 million Americans are affected by Celiac Disease. That equals about one in every 133 people. Long term damage from eating too much gluten causes the body to become malnourished, according to the American Celiac Disease Alliance. That is why the gluten free products at the Julian Bakery do not contain harmful ingredients that could have devastating effects on Celiac patients. The breads we do make with gluten have a minimal amount causing no damage. Julian Bakery gluten free products do not use many kinds of flour, bran, potato starch, or sugar. Instead, the Julian Bakery substitutes those ingredients with alternative ingredients. "There are plenty of alternative ingredients we can use for individuals not wanting gluten in their diet," said Barbara Squier, founder of Julian Bakery. "Some of those ingredients are gluten free oat fiber, millet, teff and buckwheat. The products still taste delicious and Celiac patients do not have to worry about them jeopardizing their health." Of course, the gluten- free products are not just for Celiac patients, but anyone suffering from a gluten sensitivity problem. Approximately 18 million Americans are diagnosed with a less severe form of gluten intolerance. Although gastrointestinal symptoms mirror those of Celiac Disease, individuals with gluten sensitivity do not run the risk of damage to their intestinal lining. Squier encourages Celiac patients and others with gluten tolerance issues to try our Carb Zero, Purity, and Smart Carb #3 gluten free breads and other products. "Our breads are not only ideal for people unable to digest gluten, but they are low in carbohydrates, cholesterol and calories and high in fiber," she said. "In addition, the Julian Bakery breads are very moist and delicious. Just because a product is healthy does not mean it has to taste bad." ABOUT: Based in San Diego, Calif., Julian Bakery has transformed from a small bakery into a health- conscious business offering fresh breads, cookies and other products. Customers can shop for low- carb, gluten- free and other specialty items at the storefront or online. Zero Cookies, Carb Zero Bread, Paleo Bread, Zero Carb Noodles, low carb Protein Bars, vitamins and supplements are just a few of the gluten free products offered at Julian Bakery. For more information, go to

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Julian Bakery Helps Dieters Celiac Patients Cope with Gluten Restrictions  

ABOUT: Going gluten- free has become the latest diet craze, but it is not something new for people suffering from Celiac Disease.Julian Bake...