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Father's Day: The Best iPhone Cases to The Greatest Man June 17th is a big day. Celebrating Father's Day is a must. Is it a hard time to select an amazing gift for the greatest man? I see you are nodding in agreement. Fortunately, today who remains one of the most popular gifts: an iPhone case. us (I- Newswire) June 09, 2012 - Celebrating Father's Day (June 17th) is a must. Is it a hard time to select an amazing gift for the greatest man? I see you are nodding in agreement. Fortunately, today who remains one of the most popular gifts: an iPhone case. Tell Dad how truly special he is with a selection of the best and coolest iPhone cases! 1. iRonCase 2G Aluminum Metal iPhone 4/4S Flip Case The new generation of iRon metal iPhone case, which is listed on the shopping page of, has surprised me, including the iRon fans. Generally speaking, the ultra- thin 360 degree rotating lid protects the main display, making it easier to type, browse and play games than before. Rotating lid attached by rubber band handy is a warm- heart issue to put credit card or a family photo. Cool "X" back is fully showing the charm of a cowboy in a wild style. The cutout in visor lid allows viewing of time and incoming calls. Of cause, it is easy access to all ports and buttons with lip open or closed. Whoopee! I have to fall in love with this wow one. I hope father like it. 2. King Series Slim Titanium Metal iPhone4/4S Case As a boss of the family, dad strives for a better high- class life. He is sure to be a King who has the power like chivalry. This custom- made case I suggested is to meet his royal style perfectly. We can see it is super slim (only 0.3mm) and simple chic. It is made of CNC machined aircraft grade Titanium materials which is premium and durable. What's the stunning thing for this King case? Unbelievably, it is adopted in the wire drawing treatment on surface to highlight the King quality. There are 5 colors to choose (black, silver, gold, blue, and brown) and sales of $38.56 in 3. Ikuba Spiderman Aluminum Metal iPhone 4 Case Do you ever want a Spiderman to protect you and your love? Or you ever wish to become a Spiderman to protect the world? Ha- ha, looking at this cool Ikuba Spider case! It is a stylish case with an ergonomic shape is very sleek, light and of course, graceful. Its minimalist appearance makes easier access to all control and ports, the case is CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. The inside of the iPhone bumper case is lined with a very high tech shock absorbing material that reduces the G- force of an impact. On the other side, the finish of bumper case is anodized to create a hard protective coating with brilliant colors. This top quality metal iPhone 4 case is amazing in design and best in price for $58.70. It also creates a non- conductive barrier to help maintain the iPhone's antenna signal strength. Let the Spiderman case to protect your father's iPhone totally. 4. Factron Series Metal Aluminum iPhone4/4S Case All right, the next one I want to talk is also the metallic case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. If your dad likes minimal and elegant design, the Factron series metal aluminum iPhone case is a nice choice. What's different about factron series is it utilizes graceful curves not only fit your hand perfectly but make it outstanding. When it comes to its material, this case is made of a durable aluminum alloy, which is used in the airline industry as well. It provides an easy access to all ports and controls. 5. Iface Series Silicone Soap iPhone 4/4S Case Here comes a brand which is recommended by celebrities. Yes, it is called iFace iPhone case to convince you the terrific taste. The rear cover of iFace case is extraordinarily strong by shock due its superior quality TPU and PC material. Manufactured with the finest and soft silicone materials, this unique soap- style case offers much more than just protection; it offers dynamic and grace to your look. Wonderful candy colors satisfy your various choices such as light cyan, sky blue and green. Changing iPhone face into candy color, gee, the iPhone can be younger, so your dad can! 6. Cross*Line Aluminum Metal iPhone4/4S Case The new cross * line series is back! Businessman, on the road to high fashion, is always pursuing a gentlemanly manner mix luxury and simplicity. This simple two- piece case treats your dad loved iPhone like a newborn baby. Owing to the unique curve design, this metallic case comes from can reduce G- force of impact and solves shaking problem well. So, charming dad, please show your business style with cross*line case. 7. Colabox Sport Stars Fashion iPhone4/4S Case- Basketball A sporty wind is blowing. Colabox launched sport cases designed for iPhone 4S. It is good news for all basketball fans. As the description of products below, the innovative and protective case makes your iPhone4 look exceptionally sporty. Its back adopts exclusive colorful embossment that provides a better grip. These trendy and dynamic characteristics express the love of sports. Why not dress this basketball case on your iPhone? Oh, don't forget your dad's! And then it is time to cheer for Kobe Bryant and mad for NBA with your dad together. My my, it sounds groovy. 8. Colabox Sport Stars Fashion iPhone4/4S Case- Football This one is from the same series but in a different pattern. The sporty new iPhone case has drawn more attention and sparked a football- crazy frenzy. A football lover is so fascinated by its chic outlook and durable quality. If your father also loves soccer, take it as a gift and be crazy for the team you love most whether Manchester United or Chelsea. 9. Outdoor Camouflage Travel iPhone4/4S Sleeve Case If your father is always going out, I think this outdoor camouflage travel sleeve case is good for your father. His chic travel mate is made of good quality material, getting soft and anti- damage. You can adjust the band around the case in the right place. It is attached to a ring and clip to fit for travel outfit. There is a camouflage case, an armband and a mini compass in the package. Nicely solve the problem of where to settle iPhone in. 10. ZeroChroma VarioProtect Case for iPhone 4/4S ZeroChroma's VarioProtect case with Theater- Stand 360 enables you to enjoy your iPhone 4 or 4S from any one of 11 completely different angles- in both portrait and landscape modes as well as on virtually any surface. The case also defends against drops plus scratches owing to intelligent corner and side proper protection along with a soft felt lining. It sales of $ 39.95 on Apple store. 11. Speck PixelSkin HD Case for iPhone 4S A new arrival in high- contrast style comes from The particular Speck PixelSkin HD case helps to protect an individual's iPhone 4S in pixilated style. Its grippy, high- contrast matte pixel texture shows the case a definite trend, additionally, the raised screen bezel and rubberized button covers contribute extra protection. 12.Wsken Warrior Series Metal Aluminum Cool iPhone4/4S case

12.Wsken Warrior Series Metal Aluminum Cool iPhone4/4S case Our own father is the unique warrior for every family. Here, glamour of warrior case is designed for warrior man. This Wsken Warrior case is made of high quality metal and aluminum material, adopted of advanced CNC incising technology. The hollowed- out back design enables the case with multi- functions of anti- skidding, scratch and abrasion preventing. Moreover, show your simple fashion in the sandblasting surface with laser carving logo, which is in a super high corrosion resistance. We can install it without any assisted tool. It is a cool warrior to guard your dad's iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Take it home! Hey guys, have you picked out your fantastic case as a gift for Father's Day? Sent him this surprise on June 17th! The greatest man in the world, happy Father's Day! Dad, I love you more than I can say!

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Fathers Day The Best iPhone Cases to The Greatest Man  

12.Wsken Warrior Series Metal Aluminum Cool iPhone4/4S case 3. Ikuba Spiderman Aluminum Metal iPhone 4 Case 1. iRonCase 2G Aluminum Metal iP...

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