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Dog Trots to France and Gets Best in Show France bloggers have high praise for Dog Trots Globe, a new travelogue from OIC Books that presents 150 vivid images of Paris and Provence and recounts the fun adventures of a couple traveling through France with their Shetland sheepdog. Carmel, California (I- Newswire) June 08, 2012 - In Dog Trots Globe- To Paris & Provence , a new release from OIC Books, author Sheron Long transports readers right into the outdoor markets, sidewalk cafes, Paris arrondissements , and villages of Provence . According to the critical eye of the France blogging community, well- versed in these settings, the book succeeds in capturing the experience and essence of French life and culture. Dog Trots Globe (available in hardcover and ebook) is a light- hearted read with a dog's- eye view. It recounts a trip to France with the author's 9- year- old Sheltie, Chula, covering the long trip from California and the pure pleasure of discovering everything from lavender fields to sausage tables in outdoor markets to the glory of the Eiffel Tower. Meredith Mullins in a post for Eye Prefer Paris summed up the content: "The book is hard to categorize. It's an amalgam of memoir, travel narrative, guide book, history tidbits, French culture, language lessons, and dog puns. . . . It includes vivid, sensory descriptions of a dog's life (complimented by colorful photos and illustrations), capturing the "how to's" of living under bistro tables, honing the art of catching spilt croissant flakes, and distinguishing among the infinite number of French cheeses. Throughout the book, Chula learns things that we humans might want to know, such as how the Eiffel Tower gets painted, the outdoor market schedule for towns in Provence, and what happens at the Saint Rémy Transhumance (a celebration of sheep . . . 3000 of them)." Perhaps it is the freshness of the photographs that first catches the eye. According to the blog French Leave: "Sheron Long writes wittily and well of her adventures, and the photographs are stunning. We're all used to the stock stuff; well, these are photographs of places as they are, taken by someone with a real eye, and there are quite a few I turn back to with pleasure." The blog Belle Provence agrees, deeming the book "a real feast of photos & visual treats." Readers come away inspired about France and more informed as well. Belle Provence continues: "For dog lovers & for those who adore all that's tasty & fabulous about France, Dog Trots Globe provides a delightful escape that's sure to get you dreaming of your next trip across the pond." calls the book, "a delightful travelogue that will make Francophiles drool," while French Heart gives it "four paws up" as a "jaunty armchair travelog." Published by OIC Books, Dog Trots Globe breaks from traditional travelogues with the inclusion of music and four videos embedded into the enhanced ebook for iPad, and made available online for readers of the hardcover or standard ebook editions. The four videos put readers into the stream of French life on market day in Provence, at a street parade of 3,000 sheep, on a night stroll by the sparkling Eiffel Tower, and in a daytime tour of Saint- Rémy- deProvence. Every OIC book also extends the reading experience with a wealth of bonus content supplied online in the "Extras!" area of the publisher's website. For example, Francophiles will find helpful links and videos to plan a trip to France, lists of the best travel apps, local blogs, wine routes, and cheese guides. Dog lovers will find information and resources for safe pet travel, fun dog quotes and sayings, funny dog videos, and more. Dog Trots Globe is available in hardcover directly from OIC Books. Hardcover and ebook editions are also available from major resellers, such as Apple iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.

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About OIC Books: OIC is a new publishing and communications venture that seeks to redefine the book from static print on a page to a handcrafted, multi- sensory experience that builds a wider view of the world. Subjects cut across cultures and experiences so that new views spring from the diverse content as well as from the dynamic presentation. Company Contact Information: OIC Books Charles Meagher 26385 Carmel Rancho Blvd. Carmel, CA 93923 Phone: 855-642-4642 Published in: Art & Entertainment Tags: travel  book    dog    ebook    France    pet travel    Paris    provence    travelogue    Sheltie     Published on: June 08, 2012 Original Source: Dog Trots to France and Gets Best in Show

Dog Trots to France and Gets Best in Show  

Dog Trots Globe is available in hardcover directly from OIC Books. Hardcover and ebook editions are also available from major resellers, suc...

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