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ConsignPro Considers the Cause Behind the Resale Boom Many consignment shop owners are seeing increased profits due to this shift in consumer attitude, which is prompting changes in business operation. One such change involves implementing more user- friendly point- of- sale devices offered by ConsignPro. Miami Beach, Florida (I- Newswire) June 07, 2012 - American history has had many shifts in consumer behavior of the last century. The Great Depression created a population concerned with conserving finances, the Eighties encouraged the spendthrift nature of "yuppies," and now young adults brought up in the recession- era are focused on recycling and bargain- hunting. An article from Time delves into millennial shopping practices, and finds this generation prefers purchasing used clothes and trading apparel rather than spending top dollar at a name- brand store. The behavior is the source of development across industries; consignment stores are becoming more vibrant and point- of- sale software products, such as ConsignPro, are developing computer applications to meet the growing needs of these businesses. Although these behaviors are most likely a result of the recent recession, it is believed that these habits won't disappear despite economic upturns. The Time article also analyzes the impact the green movement has had on Generation Y - reselling and trading clothes doesn't just save money, it protects the environment by avoiding wasteful disposal. However, the article states that even though these young adults are keen on saving money, they want to maintain updated looks and styles. Instead of tossing out t- shirts and skinny jeans, many are organizing "apparel swaps" to exchange their clothes for someone else's. The practice allows consumers to take one purchase and stretch it even further without becoming obsolete in the style world. While many opt to trade articles of clothing, others are rushing to resale markets like Craigslist, eBay or local consignment stores. Brian Wilson, the developer behind ConsignPro, has helped many stores adjust to a more technologically- savvy and information- hungry era. Through the software, owners can easily conduct point- of- sale procedures and tag items with clearly listed price comparisons. Wilson believes the evolution in business operations are in correlation with cultural changes. "Millennials love resale shopping. As society evolves, so do the opinions about buying secondhand." Wilson believes that becoming environmentally- friendly means conducting business through more efficient means. He says, "Being 'green' is as important as it's ever been with this generation." By streamlining transactional business into one interface, his product allows management to avoid keeping several paper records and spend less time and energy on tracking inventory. He believes that if a company maintains a green image, more of these young consumers will flock to the establishment. Wilson concludes, "When budgets are tight, or even when they're not, Millennials love to look great for less while helping the environment too - it's a win- win proposition." ABOUT: Originally developed in 1996 by Brian Wilson, ConsignPro has become a convenient resource for more than 3,000 resale businesses across the country. For fifteen years, the application has provided storeowners with more flexibility when it comes to point- of- sales procedures. ConsignPro also provides services for online stores and tools that simplify business procedures, such as touch screens and thermal printers. ConsignPro is dedicated to maintaining a product that is current with changes in business and technological trends. Visit to learn more about the product.

Additional Resources Company Contact Information: PR Authority Michael McGarety 10 W. Trade Street New York, NY 10005 Phone: 888-578-6523 Published in: Computer Tags: ConsignPro  ConsignPro Software     Published on: June 07, 2012 Original Source: ConsignPro Considers the Cause Behind the Resale Boom

ConsignPro Considers the Cause Behind the Resale Boom  

Published in: Computer Many consignment shop owners are seeing increased profits due to this shift in consumer attitude, which is prompting...