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Mascon Restoration Regards Historic Structures as Symbols of New York History Few preservation groups are making waves to protect historic powerhouses located in New York City. Mascon Restoration is a company that specializes in the repair of historic buildings and urges communities to protect the past. College Point, New York (I- Newswire) June 07, 2012 - In a recently published article, The New York Times raises awareness of two massive New York City powerhouses owned by Con Edison electric service. One is the "deliciously decorated" powerhouse on 54th Street - designed in 1904 by Stanford White. The other powerhouse, designed by George H. Pegram in 1902, is less noticed by New York residents who pass by the 74th Street structure. According to the article, attention on both buildings has some considering the historical impact these powerhouses made, especially since rumors are circulating that the 59th Street station might face demolition. Although Con Ed supports no such claims, Mascon Restoration, a reconstruction company in New York, stresses the importance of building preservation. Both buildings were key factors in bringing electricity to New York City and helped reshape urban transit services. Pegram not only designed the 74th Street powerhouse, but also contributed to the development of elevated railroads and the subway system. The 54th Street powerhouse is still a major supplier of electricity that fuels New York City's underground transit. While the opening of the subway was celebrated by early residents for reducing the smoke and ash produced by elevated rail lines, many are unaware of their historical significance today. The article focuses on the architectural elements of both buildings that house immense and complicated machinery. It compares the 74th Street station to the imperial buildings of Rome and Grand Central Station. The building's unique brick exterior and spacious interior are "awe- inspiring." The 54th Street station is also recognized for its size in addition to its brick and terra cotta façade that presents a "delicate Renaissance- style exterior." In addition to these powerhouses, Mascon Restoration has a history of promoting the care of such industrial monuments located throughout New York. The company focuses on urban renewal in communities that are rich with old structures, such as factories and warehouses. The business connects the decline of such buildings to the decline of an area's quality of life, which is one main reason why they offer services to restore their structural and aesthetic integrity. Mascon Restoration undertakes cleaning procedures to remove damage collected over the years on exteriors similar to those used in the construction of both powerhouses. In addition to restoring stone, brick, marble, granite and terra cotta façades, the company specializes in bringing construction up to current regulations. Although some may press for the demolition of such structures, Mascon Restoration works to protect their historical values. ABOUT: Mascon Restoration is a trusted reconstruction company that focuses on preserving older buildings in the New York area. The company offers waterproofing, roofing, and masonry restoration services among many other structural improvements. Local communities continue to benefit from the company's dedication to improving structural aesthetics through services such as graffiti proofing and façade inspection. Working with local authorities, the company is permitted to conduct Law 11 violation removal services and restore buildings to current construction regulations.

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Mascon Restoration Regards Historic Structures as Symbols of New York History