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ModalMinds Invited to Participate in U.S. High Ranking Business Delegation to China; Shares Unique Perspective As part of the U.S. High Ranking Business Delegation, ModalMinds presented at the APEC Meeting on Smart City and Intelligent Industry in LangFang, China. The delegation also visited Chinese dignitaries and points of interest in Beijing and Tianjin. San Francisco, CA (I- Newswire) June 06, 2012 - ModalMinds set the stage for business development and collaboration in China by engaging leaders in Hebei Province, Tianjin, and Beijing. "This is my second delegation to China. One cannot grasp the potential here without visiting and seeing firsthand the scale of effort undertaken by the Chinese government and local businesses" says Stefan Hofmeyer, President of ModalMinds. "We are at a historic point in China relating to industry development, impacting generations of people locally and around the world." Hofmeyer believes ModalMinds' unique 4th Party Engagement Model(TM) will provide significant value to China businesses as large scale investment and innovation continues. He believes costly delays and sub- optimal delivery experienced as a result of understaffed management and 3rd party consultants leads to lost ROI, rigid solutions and long term business inefficiencies. As a champion for their clients, ModalMinds has proven to be successful by providing what they call 4th party services. "Many times our clients engage larger consulting firms or internal teams and they need a surgical 4th party to remediate issues and maximize success. With our small project team size and deep solution leadership experience focused on project management, process optimization, and technology integration, we fill this need," states Hofmeyer. Sponsored by BestSun Energy Group and hosted by Mr. Wang Donghai, Board Chairman of BestSun, the delegation's first major event was held on May 18th and included in- depth discussions at the APEC Meeting on Smart City and Intelligent Industry. At the event, Hofmeyer was invited to present to the full conference, offering his observations and vision for collaboration. "With resources for expansion and vision to build intelligent industry and smart cities, the potential is limitless," Hofmeyer said. During his presentation, Hofmeyer highlighted important considerations for a strong path forward, including efficient delivery of projects, responsiveness to change to meet Chinese and global needs as they develop, and the importance of continuous improvement impacting quality of life. "With rapid growth, it is important to be both efficient and methodical. Management, Process, and Technology advisors such as ModalMinds have a great role to play in immediate delivery that drives long term business performance and quality of life. These efforts are truly humbling" states Hofmeyer. As the event wrapped up in LangFang, appreciation was given to BestSun and to Mr. Bao Yongbo, President of LangFang Land Development Construction & Investment Corporation Limited. Following the APEC meeting in LangFang, the U.S. delegation visited Tianjin and met with Mr. Cui Jindu, Vice Mayor of Tianjin and Member of the Municipal Standing Committee. During the visit collaborative opportunities were discussed. Unlike more newly developed cities of LangFang and APEC Park, the delegation observed how the historic city of Tianjin has been preserved and expanded to address industry and population growth. Population growth has been over 36% in the past ten years with a current total population of approximately 13 million people in the metropolitan area, fueling industry. The delegation visit wrapped up at China World Summit Wing in Beijing on May 20th, hosted by coordinators of the overall delegation, Lehman Bush Partner Ms. Lirong Yu and Project Officer Crystal Ma. ModalMinds' Stefan Hofmeyer closed with thank you remarks to dignitaries and Lehman Bush. Gifts were exchanged between U.S. delegation members and their dignitary hosts. As a result of the U.S. High Ranking Business Delegation, ModalMinds will look to pursue collaborative opportunities both in China and the U.S. to leverage shared expertise. "It is clear the world is changing and becoming even more integrated. We at ModalMinds look to lead the path forward with our delivery expertise" states Hofmeyer.

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About ModalMinds: ModalMinds is a Business and Technology Services Firm headquartered in San Francisco, CA focused on project execution and technology innovation. ModalMinds delivers adaptable, cost- effective process and technology integration solutions directly or in tandem with client third party vendors via highimpact, surgical engagements. Key ModalMinds project characteristics include: — Business alignment and project management expertise serving clients as a 4th party vendor(TM). — Innovative technology and architectural knowledge focused on Cloud (on- premise, off- premise), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Business Process Management (BPM). — High- value, small footprint engagements consisting of senior experts with 10 - 20 years of hands- on experience. — Accountability driven 1:1 relationships with our sponsors. — Value driven where practical ROI must be defined and attained. Company Contact Information: ModalMinds Sarah Ryan 201 Spear Street ste 1100 94105 Phone: 800-957-0543 Published in: Business Tags: China  Project Management    process improvement    bpm    Process Optimization    beijing    modalminds    langfang    tianjin     critical project management     Published on: June 06, 2012 Original Source: ModalMinds Invited to Participate in U.S. High Ranking Business Delegation to China; Shares Unique Perspective

ModalMinds Invited to Participate in US High Ranking Business Delegation to Chin  

As part of the U.S. High Ranking Business Delegation, ModalMinds presented at the APEC Meeting on Smart City and Intelligent Industry in Lan...