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Smart Travel & Incentives Reviews Ways To Avoid Travel Scams Smart Travel and Incentives offers you tips on travel and vacation planning. Find new ways to save money on your vacation with tips on travel from Smart Travel and Incentives, your partner in travel. Smart Travel and Incentives is here to assist. Orlando, Florida (I- Newswire) June 04, 2012 - Smart Travel & Incentives great vacation destinations, ways to save money on vacation, travel tips and tricks, travel scams to avoid and more. Smart Travel & Incentives is committed to bringing you information to assist in planning your vacation this year. As part of Smart Travel & Incentives ongoing commitment to the industry, Smart Travel and Incentives destinations offers all kinds of travel advice. So without further ado, Smart Travel and Incentives brings you this new article. Tourists are easy targets no matter where in the world you are. Travel scam artists know what to look for in an easy mark and the person who looks like a tourist is the easiest to hit. Understanding this is the first step to avoiding becoming a victim of any travel scam. The less you look like a target, the less you will be targeted. Smart Travel and Incentives would like to help you avoid becoming the victim of a travel scam. Learn how to avoid looking like a tourist and avoid becoming a statistic with tips from Smart Travel and Incentives. Avoid the fanny pack - Ahh yes, the fanny pack may seem like a good idea, but put it on, and you automatically look like a tourist. You should carry your belongings close to your body at all times in order to avoid them being easily stolen. If you carry a bag, try to carry one that looks like others in the area. Do your part to fit in - We expect tourists to know a bit about our area when they are traveling in areas that we consider our home, likewise, it is just good manners to do the same when traveling abroad. Learn the language or at least some and know the etiquette of the area before you become a stereotypical American tourist and avoid becoming a victim of scam artists. Know the area - If you know what people generally wear at the destination you are traveling, you can plan to wear attire that fits in to your surroundings. Things to check into are what shoes are commonly worn or not worn , especially in Europe, where tennis shoes are not commonly worn. Plan to dress a little nicer and avoid wearing U.S. name brands as well. Put the map away - If you are unsure of where you are going, spend some time looking it up while still in your hotel room as opposed to hauling out the map on the street. In addition, if you are using a guidebook, thinking about pulling the pages out that you are planning on using rather than carrying the entire book. Smart Travel and Incentives Other Ways To Avoid A Scam And What To Do If You Are While making yourself less visible is the first step to avoiding a travel scam, there is another easy way to avoid them as well. If you remember to pay attention and be on your guard, you will be ensuring that you are less likely to become a target of scams. Look around you and avoid dark alleys and traveling by yourself and you will help yourself avoid becoming a victim. Of course, if you do become a victim of a scam, report it immediately to the nearest authorities so they are aware of the problem. Smart Travel and Incentives wishes you all the best when traveling. Do your part to avoid becoming a victim of a travel scam and enjoy your vacations more with tips from Smart Travel and Incentives.

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About Smart Travel and Incentives: Smart Travel and Incentives offers vacation packages at amazing prices which are sure to make all your travel dreams come true. Company Contact Information: Smart Travel and Incentives Edward Wynn 801 International Oarkway 5th Floor 32746 Phone: (407) 562-1891 Published in: Travel Tags: smart travel and incentives reviews    smart travel and incentives destinations    smart travel and incentives vacations     Published on: June 04, 2012 Original Source: Smart Travel & Incentives Reviews Ways To Avoid Travel Scams

Smart Travel Incentives Reviews Ways To Avoid Travel Scams