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Design Dental Group Comments on Need for Discount Dental Services More than 45 percent of Americans do not carry dental insurance. Design Dental Group encourages dentists to offer discounted rates and services for customers if they want to remain competitive in today's economy. Houston, TX (I- Newswire) June 04, 2012 - Jay Weston, a columnist for The Huffington Post, recently wrote a story about his search to find a discount dentist in Beverly Hills, Calif. Like most Americans, he does not have dental insurance. His Medicare supplement plan does not cover dental work and he does not meet eligibility requirements under the Veteran's Administration. Using, Weston found 53 discount dentists in his area. Design Dental Group offers its customers discounts. As the economy continues to struggle, prices for dental care show no relief. Even individuals with dental insurance are paying higher fees because insurance companies are trying to cut their costs. In his experience, Weston said whatever the dentist quotes tends to be higher, but lets users compare dentists by price and reputation. For a small annual fee, members can reduce their dental bills by half using pre- determined prices with more than 25,000 dentists across the nation. partners with Careington International, a leading provider of discount dental plans. Careington International has negotiated nearly 60 percent discounts on most procedures with dentists in 87,000 locations. Together, and Careington International are able to contract with dental care providers to offer quality dental care at discounted rates. Weston said his dentist became part of the network to cut costs on filing insurance claims. Since the patient pays the dentist directly, it eliminates the need for going through an insurance company or filing unnecessary and complicated paperwork. "Yes, cosmetic services are included, but usually at lower discount rates of around 20 percent and there are annual limits," Weston said. "The same applies to specialists so things like root canals can be done." At his dental visit, Weston paid $42 for a cleaning, a discount of 53 percent, and $25 for X- rays. He also made an appointment for a cavity filling, expected to cost $74, a savings of 57 percent. Design Dental Group offers numerous preventive, restorative and cosmetic services to improve the oral health and quality of life for individuals. Design Dental understands that offering lower price points is important for a small business to survive in the economy. "We frequently run special pricing, especially for referrals or return patients," said Dr. Melanie T. Bibb of Design Dental Group. "Please contact our front office for a current list of promotions." ABOUT: Design Dental Group offers dental healthcare services to the Houston, Texas, community. A variety of both reactive and preventative treatments to patients, including restorative and cosmetic procedures, are among the list of services available at Design Dental Group. Dr. Melanie T. Bibb and the rest of the Design Dental Group team help patients of all ages with an array of dental issues. To find out more about the Design Dental Group, visit

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Design Dental Group Comments on Need for Discount Dental Services