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3 Top US Destinations Reviewed From Epic Adventures Inc Exploring more about this years top destinations for travel with a review from Epic Adventures Inc. Louisville Kentucky (I- Newswire) May 31, 2012 - The United States is known for its amazing destinations for travel. From history to adventure and everything in between, the diversity and options for vacationers to explore and enjoy vacation time are virtually endless. Epic Adventures Inc welcomes you to spend some time with us looking at just a few of these amazing areas for travel. Review destinations and enjoy travel with Epic Adventures Inc. California Known for their amazing coastal beauty as well as their history and more, California has been drawing millions of travelers for many reasons for hundreds of years. Home to some of the most well known national parks including Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Joshua Tree National Park, Redwood National Park and Yosemite National Park, California is also well known for its amazing surfing, coastal drives such as Highway 1, historical sites and is its food and wine. Diverse in ecology and beauty, California is easily one of the top U.S. States for travel. Michigan Also well known for its shorelines, the state of Michigan is surrounded by water and adventure different from what many are used too. Surrounded by the Great Lakes, the largest fresh water source in the United States, this unique destination is home to hundreds of parks and thousands of square miles of state and national land perfect for the outdoors lover. Home to hundreds of lakes, rivers, streams, vast wildlife, small towns, big cities and 4 amazingly diverse seasons, it is easy to see what is making Michigan begin to show up on peoples top ten lists. Top cities such as Traverse City are becoming well known for their food and wine and that "up north" appeal that travelers seek. Elsewhere in the state, the small town charm of Houghton and Higgins Lake areas and the city appeal Saginaw, Bay City and Detroit areas offer their own experiences. Florida Considered the most visited of all U.S. States, most people know what makes Florida so amazing. Warm year round temperatures, some of the most well known beach destinations and diverse areas and activities from Jacksonville's urban city scape to the luxury resort destinations in the Keys, Florida is as close to the Caribbean as the mainland U.S. gets. Popular cities such as Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Orlando offer the perfect vacation experiences for almost anyone including families or friends. Whether you travel in summer or winter, if you seek sun and fun on the beach, Florida is always ready to oblige. Epic Adventures Inc encourages you to get out and find the right destination for your vacation. Whether you enjoy the mountainous splendor of the Alaskan wilderness or the sunshine, sand and beauty of the island of Hawaii, find out what makes the U.S. special when you travel.

Additional Resources About Epic Adventures Inc: Epic Adventures Inc wants to be your one stop shop for travel. A value travel service, Epic Adventures Inc offers an array of options and price quotes from a host of travel suppliers, helping to provide you the upper hand when making your decisions on travel. Company Contact Information: Epic Adventures Inc Louisville, KY 40202 Phone: 855.710.2382 Published in: Travel Tags: Epic Adventures Inc Louisville  Epic Adventures Inc    Epic Adventures Inc KY     Published on: May 31, 2012 Original Source: 3 Top US Destinations Reviewed From Epic Adventures Inc

3 Top US Destinations Reviewed From Epic Adventures Inc  

Published in: Travel Epic Adventures Inc encourages you to get out and find the right destination for your vacation. Whether you enjoy the m...

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