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How To Choose The Best And The Top Pharmacy Technician School? Jason Holmes guides the budding minds who chose pharmacy as their career with this beginners guide. Here they will know the tricks and trades on how to choose a good pharmacy school. Know about pharmacy schools from an insider's point of view. california (I- Newswire) May 30, 2012 - Jason Holmes refers to a medical professional as a job which is used to dispense drug to patients based on a prescription by a physician or other clinician. Further, a pharmacist requires intense knowledge of different drugs and their implication on humans. If need be, then pharmacists educate the patient on the method of dosage. A good pharmacist enjoys job security along with financial stability. He/ she even has an option to switch as the industry around the world welcomes experienced pharmacists. Pharmacy technician can choose retail pharmacies or care- centers, even hospitals, drug stores, wherever the need arises. The choice of the place depends on the nature of the person and his preferences for work atmosphere and work culture. The job is not dynamic, which is good news for those who prefer steady careers. For those who like working with people, are good with details and love solving problems, then a career in Pharmacy is the right choice. However, just the decision to choose pharmacy as a career is not enough. The tough decision lies ahead - choice of school. The first thing to chalk out is YOUR idea of a pharmacy school. You need to get things in black and white, while choosing a pharmacy school. Now further, Jason Holmes has said that the first thing to be considered is the budget for tuition fees of the college, whether you are on a bank loan or will get scholarships, part- time jobs etc. If the college is not in your vicinity, the second thing will be to consider accommodation, which might turn out to be costly. The location of a pharmacy school also matters, as some people do not prefer hot and humid temperatures. After zeroing down on above- mentioned factors, you need to choose a good pharmacy school among the options available. One needs to think about academic factors like curriculum of the school, faculty and professors, accredited by the university, admission requirements, etc. Students should think about the state where they will finally practice. If you chose the pharmacy school in the state where you will eventually practice, you will learn the tricks and trades of the industry over there. The curriculum of the pharmacy technician school should not end at writing prescriptions but encompass knowledge of recent innovations in drug and pharmaceutical industry and insurance coverage information. If the university covers the laws of the profession, then it is the best option. A job of a pharmacist is to suggest medicines and understand the entire health care. A university should offer on- the job training and learning about the medical expertise to the aspiring pharmacists. What requires of a pharmacist is the Pharmacist Technician Training that makes them reach higher positions. A good training will make them an angel who saves the lives of the people, as training minimizes error for which there is no place in this industry. Training exposes students to various drugs and their uses, handling equipments and gears them for their career, which is next to impossible with just theoretical classes. Other questions that haunt young minds are that whether a big school with multitude of students from every stratum will work for me, or a small one where life revolves around few chosen ones. A big school has a big auditorium where more than 50 students constitute each class with a professor lecturing via a microphone, whereas a small one constitutes less than 50 students working in small groups and makes it easy to ask questions frequently. Some students are comfortable with people only from their background, be it country or language etc. while others want to mix up and grow with people from various backgrounds. According to Jason Holmes the job profile of pharmacists consists of spending time with customers who might have problems related to various ailments. Some pharmacies are open 24 x 7; hence, pharmacists should gear up for a strenuous work while working here in shifts. A pharmacist requires a doctorate degree with a related bachelor's degree from a reputed accredited school. The first step is to complete a bachelor's degree or equivalent in science, mathematics, or related field. Next is to fulfill all pre- pharmacy education requirements i.e. developing skills in mathematics, science, biology or other related field. Post this phase; the student enters a pharmacist education program wherein he/ she will be exposed to specialized areas of study. This enables the student to gain knowledge concerning general practices and protocol of a pharmacy. Many of these topics are covered during classroom lectures, while students get a chance to get practical experience post completing lab- work and projects. Post studying, apply for the pharmacy licensure examination. A good curriculum includes learning on health and awareness of health issues, information about prescription drugs and medications, knowledge of proper dosage, etc.

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How To Choose The Best And The Top Pharmacy Technician School  
How To Choose The Best And The Top Pharmacy Technician School  

Jason Holmes guides the budding minds who chose pharmacy as their career with this beginners guide. Here they will know the tricks and trade...