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Almeda University: Distance Education Offers Answer to College Crisis Student loans has made traditional residential education an extremely expensive commodity. Almeda University believes that both mediums have their merits, but, financially- speaking, Internet- based education is the answer for many students. San Juan, PR (I- Newswire) May 30, 2012 - The Huffington Post's Richard Geldard has published an article that considers the financial burden that today's students must undertake to earn an education and the ways in which it will affect the next generation of professionals. Almeda University's Richard Smith agrees with Geldard that both residential and Internet- based schooling have their merits; however, Smith recognizes that online schools like Almeda University offer a level of affordability and convenience that today's students need. Geldard writes that an astounding 70 percent of today's college graduates are in debt. Even more devastating is the average amount that these students owe: 25,000 dollars. This has become a full- blown crisis, as Geldard points out that this level of debt is higher than credit card and loan debt in the United States. Despite the need to cut back on this level of spending, students and their families are holding onto the idea that residential educations are more valuable than online alternatives. Smith rejects this way of thinking, asserting that the "conflict" between traditional and Internet- based education is contrived. "While there is no argument against the benefits of a peer experience for teenagers leaving home after high school, the unfortunate reality is not every American will have this opportunity," commented Smith, Almeda University Executive. "There is an artificial argument debating whether traditional residential education is better than distance or online education. It's a discussion with no merit. These different forms of education are not conflicting. They are both available for different segments of the population." Smith calls attention to the fact that not all students entering college are recent high school graduates. For this reason, not all students entering collegiate programs want the residential experience. Adult students, to whom online education caters, often have families to provide for and need the flexibility that online education offers. "For the last 15 years, we have seen traditional educators underestimating and downplaying the value of online education," furthered Smith. "But these traditionalists that support residential education are fighting a battle that doesn't exist. As an online educator, Almeda University does not attract students who would otherwise be residentially educated. For the adult learner, the choice is often between online education and no education at all." ABOUT: An Internet- based educational facility, Almeda University provides instruction and educational resources to students around the world. Opened in 1997, this online university offers a wide variety of subjects to pique the interest of a diverse student body- and lead students to success in their professional endeavors. Almeda University upholds the mission of providing valuable access to educational programs while incorporating innovative technology and academic best practices into its approach. To find out more about Almeda University, visit

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Almeda University Distance Education Offers Answer to College Crisis  

ABOUT: Student loans has made traditional residential education an extremely expensive commodity. Almeda University believes that both mediu...