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Will Facebook Change After IPO? It is easy to predict but difficult to bear witness this fall if it all it happens. New York (I- Newswire) May 15, 2012 - When the going gets easy, the easy gets going or should I say when Facebook had lot to do it had no cash and now when it is going to have cash it would not know what to do with it. If you wanted to know one person who would be unhappy from Facebook going public it would be Mark Zuckerberg. Well when the tech companies start to raise money they get overwhelmed when large cash loads are blown on their simple little secrets. When Facebook raised money from many investors it also added lots of employees who had stock options. So add up there are investors who own Facebook shares and there are employees who also own Facebook shares. Investors bring money in the company and employees take money out of the company but their sheer number adds to legal point why Facebook should go public why Facebook should go public. The SEC rule is "that any private company with more than 500 shareholders must adhere to the same financial disclosure requirements that public companies do". Mark Zuckerberg Would Leave Facebook People tend to think with more cash the companies can do a lot of innovations but this dies of with the fact you have to show how you are ring the dollars from your innovation because the share holders are sometimes not bothered about what change a innovation is going to bring but they bother about how much cash the innovation is going to bring. The companies at first are forced to add more revenue streams and then more revenue in each stream it has discovered. Mark has been leading the way with the idea of bringing the social experience to the internet but what if he is asked to think what would make the company make more dollars he would have to stop and say i would not care about that or he would say if I have to do that I would have to stop being here. It's critical for tech companies to retain their culture of innovation and willingness to do so no matter what change comes in. That makes me wonder "Will Mark build a new product or company to start all over again?" Innovating: The Easy Way When Facebook is going to have cash it is simply going to embark on each tech company on sale. To grow from a social network to a real technology corporate the company would be going on shopping spree. If Facebook wants to expand their offerings they have two options: Build or buy. With the time Facebook has it is really feasible to go out and buy technologies which will start adding to their bottom line. When Google started with only a search engine it had only one revenue stream form adwords but look at it now it has technology to drive cars. Confused what relation does internet search engine have with driving car amazingly simple is Google search engines knows what the streets hold too. This example shows for Facebook to strive in future to discover innovation or just go out and buy minds that would love to discover it. Facebook Goes To Zero The last point of this discussion is a bit hit on the face for Facebook itself but it has to be mentioned so that the minds over Facebook really take a count on it. In the run to make more money each quarter and keeping the analysts happy Facebook would lose the focus on what it really started with and end up being another Myspace. So people will start to think some new social network which is cooler and lots of people on it is better than Facebook and start creating accounts on it. No Gooole has not bribed me to promote the Google Plus nor I am a big supporter of Google going on the social network lane the point is if Facebook does not live upto its expectation which is a bit more difficult after going public it is possible that it would lose the raise some new kid on the block.

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Will Facebook Change After IPO  

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