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The 2012 UppaBaby Vista Stroller Has New Features, And Is Added To The WhatToBuyForBaby.Net Blog. The UppaBaby Vista, a favored, high end stroller, has been updated this year. It now includes the previous classic features, as well as some new ones. Moundridge, KS (I- Newswire) May 14, 2012 - The 2012 UppaBaby Vista stroller will serve a child from birth to fifty- five pounds. It has a plush seat that can be fully upright. The seat back is tall to accommodate an older child. The seat is reversible, as is the bassinet, which comes with the stroller. The bassinet can be removed and used as a bed for an infant with an optional stand. The fabric on the stroller is removable, and machine washable. The Vista stroller has an adjustable handle height. A large basket is provided, and it is easy to access. The frame is aluminum alloy, and the total weight of the stroller is twenty- five- and- a- half pounds. The stroller folds in one easy motion, and it will lock and stand up when folded. The attachment connections on this stroller are color coded for ease in placement. The UppaBaby Vista tires are smooth and rubber coated, and do not require air. They can be removed and installed with a single push button each. The wheel bearings are sealed. 2012 UppaBaby Vista New Features One of the previous concerns regarding the UppaBaby Vista stroller was the front suspension, which seemed to give a rough ride on some surfaces. On the 2012 Vista Model, there are shock absorbing suspensions on the front and the back. On the new 2012 UppaBaby Vista, there is a flat position on the seat. The canopy is adjustable, up and down, to accommodate the height of the child. A pull out sunshade extension is present, as well as a peekaboo flap closure, which is sealed by magnets, rather than Velcro. Rain and mosquito protection are provided. The 2012 UppaBaby Vista stroller has an organic mattress that is antibacterial. There are breathable vents under it for good circulation of air. Color selections have been added to the 2012 Vista. It is available with a black matted frame, and bright tangerine material. 2012 UppaBaby Vista Accessories Optional car seat adapters for Graco, Peg Perego, Chicco, and Maxie Cosi, are available for the UppaBaby Vista stroller. It can be made into a dual stroller with an add on piggyback seat. Additional items are also available. For more information regarding this stroller, go to the 2012 UppaBaby Vista web page.

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The 2012 UppaBaby Vista Stroller Has New Features And Is Added To The WhatToBuyF