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Long- Term Employee Benefit Packages for Your New Business Make your new employees feel appreciated. Keep employees happy and healthy with adequate insurance and long- term benefit programs. Nevada Benefits will help you sort through the 200 plans the state of Nevada has to offer. Las Vegas, NV (I- Newswire) May 11, 2012 - In 2011 alone, healthcare costs rose 8%. The difference of having a pension plan, full health insurance or life insurance can make a huge difference to both present and prospective employees. In many cases if a projected executive is interviewing and he finds there are little or no benefit options for his family he will take the job offer from your close competitor. And employees who do not have insurance could very likely be looking for another place to work especially if they suffer from serious, persistent health issues where they are now paying for pricey prescriptions out of pocket. Sometimes even a smaller salary is negotiable for an employee who really needs dental insurance coverage. Do not find yourself scratching your head at the high employee turnover rate and start taking better care of your best workers with extended benefits. There are so many companies to consider and so many different types of insurance selections, pension plans, health savings accounts, disability options and the list just carries on. People shopping for individual health insurance in Las Vegas may find it difficult, but when you start looking for more complex group health insurance in Las Vegas it becomes extremely complex, overwhelming and sometimes all too complicated. Furthermore, if you have a new and or small business it is even more likely that you are drowning with the high volume of options that are out there. Well, stop stressing and let experienced professionals do the work for you. Nevada Benefits is a family- operated business that has been helping individuals and businesses alike to find the optimal benefits to fit their lifestyle and place of work for over 20 years. They can provide you with a free quote from the best plans so you can save your time and effort for the more important things in life. In the state of Nevada there are over 20 insurance establishments that have over 200 plans to choose from. This alone is a reason you should let Nevada Benefits filter out the options and services you will not need. Nevada Benefits will help you get the optimal benefits for your employees at a reasonable cost for both the business and its participants within no time. Call (702) 258-1995 or visit http:// to get started today!

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Company Contact Information: Nevada Benefits 9505 Hillwood Drive #100 Las Vegas, NV 89134 Phone: (702) 258-1995 Published in: Insurance Tags: individual health insurance in las vegas    group health insurance in las vegas    las vegas life insurance     Published on: May 11, 2012 Original Source: Long- Term Employee Benefit Packages for Your New Business

LongTerm Employee Benefit Packages for Your New Business