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CLEO Named Certified Vendor Of MFT Solution For DWG Certified Technology Program DWG taps CLEO for its largest Certified Technology Program with international electronics contract manufacturer Atlanta, GA (I- Newswire) May 08, 2012 - DWG, an Atlanta- based supply chain enablement company that works to bring trading partners together through technology, announced today that it has chosen CLEO, a leading provider of best- in- class enterprise software for secure and managed file transfer, and its CLEO LexiCom and CLEO VLTrader solutions for inclusion in its largest and most prominent Certified Technology Program (CTP). "DWG has teamed with a large, international electronics contract manufacturer to provide a strategic and necessary Certified Technology Program to its suppliers and customers," said Bill Woerner, President, Services & Operations at DWG. "As the program seeks to bring independent and expert recommendations on software solutions to meet each company's specific EDI needs, we've taken great care in finding the best technology partners available. After conducting a thorough search and review of many AS2 solutions, we are proud to offer CLEO LexiCom and CLEO VLTrader within this CTP." CLEO's secure and managed file transfer solutions provide users increased security for business- critical files being sent inside and outside of the enterprise. CLEO VLTrader, enterprise MFT software, provides consolidation of various file transfer processes, concurrent file transfers for efficiency and real- time reporting and notifications. "CLEO software has been a standard of excellence in EDI software for many years. Our AS2 solution leads the market by providing the full range of capabilities to benefit our users. We are very excited to offer our secure and managed file transfer solutions to the entire CTP customer and supplier community and look forward to working together," said Rynn Johnson, Vice President of Sales at CLEO. A webinar introduction to CLEO and its AS2 solutions will be held on May 16, 2012. Registration information can be found online at events. More information about DWG and its Certified Technology Program offering can be found online at www.dwg- About CLEO CLEO provides proven, secure, advanced software solutions to companies that have enterprise- wide managed file transfer needs. Powerful, easy- to- use software helps clients secure, manage and consolidate data while meeting the most comprehensive requirements of multiprotocol communications. CLEO VLTrader, CLEO's flagship managed file transfer solution, helps businesses across numerous vertical industries save money, optimize IT resources, consolidate communications, streamline workflows, control ad hoc communications and meet both SLAs and regulatory compliance mandates. Comprehensive reporting keeps customers in the know. With over 30 years of EDI experience and the leader in AS2 communications, CLEO solutions are customer and partner- ready to help move businesses forward today. Find out more at

Additional Resources About DWG: DWG is dedicated to increasing the operational efficiency, cost- effectiveness, and overall value of trading partner relationships. We create enablement programs unique to our customers' needs that provide trading partner communities with a fast- track approach for identifying and implementing complementary technology platforms in areas such as EDI, ERP, and supply chain management. The DWG team has extensive experience evaluating, implementing, and supporting enterprise level, mid- sized, and smaller scale technology initiatives. We use this knowledge to develop enablement programs that create win- win opportunities across the supply chain. Company Contact Information: DWG Bill Woerner 4555 Mansell Road Suite 300 30022 Phone: 866.797.8940 Published in: Technology Tags: certified technology program    supply chain enablement    AS2     Published on: May 08, 2012 Original Source: CLEO Named Certified Vendor Of MFT Solution For DWG Certified Technology Program

CLEO Named Certified Vendor Of MFT Solution For DWG Certified Technology Program