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Julie Morgenstern Raises To Light The Essentials Of Organizing Finances At Her Blog, a website created by women and for women, shares the ins and outs of keeping a woman's finances organized through Julie Morgenstern's Beyond Today blog.

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New York, NY (I- Newswire) May 07, 2012 - Achievement in life is more than just having wealth or money. In fact, it entails being prepared to face new opportunities, and more importantly, being adapt when significant events take place. Keeping finances in check is crucial to ensuring anyone can effectively deal with the unexpected or efficiently navigate moments of, a website that focuses on specific women issues and topics, sheds light on the importance of organizing your finances. Discussed on the Beyond Today Blog, contributor Julie Morgenstern emphasizes on creating a reliable routine to watch the financial flow. A New York Times bestselling author and top organizing and time- management expert, business productivity consultant and speaker, Ms. Morgenstern lays out the steps to keep money matters in check - which runs similar to keeping an eye on the food being cooked in the kitchen. Fully detailed at, Ms. Morgenstern explains the importance of carving out the time. Just as there are gourmet chefs who happily spend hours in the kitchen vs. those with a cache of 30 minute dinners, the amount of time spent each week looking at your money flow can vary. As such, Ms. Morgenstern recommends dedicating at least 90 minutes to three hours each week. That can then be divided into 10 to 15 minutes a day, or grouped into a weekly appointment with oneself. Ms. Morgenstern also stresses the significance of performing a routine checkup. Once time is carved out, it is imperative to pay attention to staying on track and making incremental adjustments as needed. Suggestions include checking your balances, monitor your bills, eyeballing your budget and spending, moving your money around and creating a strategy for the future. Ms. Morgenstern operates Julie Morgenstern Enterprises, which centers on her philosophies and methods to provide a wide range of practical solutions that transform the way people and companies function. Women who want to be able face and cope with life's financial challenges should visit http:// and take the time to fully understand what it takes to be financially organized.

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Julie Morgenstern Raises To Light The Essentials Of Organizing Finances At Her B