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Chinese Visa Processing Now Available Online in 24 Hours, one of the leading visa expedition services in the United States, is now offering a simple, time- saving 3- step procedure to speed up their Chinese visa expedition service. Now offering 24 hour turnaround! Texas (I- Newswire) May 03, 2012 - Their first step involves getting clients to pick the visa required by them. Clients are guided as to which visa they will need, depending on their purpose of travel. The second step requires clients to read up on the requirements and documents needed for successful China visa application, and the final step involves sending the full set of documents to, then, will take care of the Chinese visa application, and the approved Chinese visa will be sent back to clients within the promised turnaround time. With a recent revamp to their website, promises an even smoother, quicker visa application procedure. Indeed, with more than 5 years of experience, promises quick turnarounds and professionalism while handling their clients' Chinese visa applications. offers a wide range of Chinese visa applications - years of experience allowed to possess the ability to provide such a wide range of Chinese visas for their clients. There are 6 different kinds of visas that can be processed by - Chinese Visa L, Chinese Visa X, Chinese Visa F, Chinese Visa Z, Chinese Visa C and Chinese Visa G. Firstly, Chinese Visa L is also known as the Chinese Tourist Visa. Mainly for, as the name implies, tourists that are visiting China for recreational purposes, or foreigners visiting relatives and/ or friends in China, the Chinese Visa L is one of the most commonly applied visas. Next, Chinese Visa X refers to the Chinese Student Visa. This visa is for students that are studying in China. This is the visa that most exchange students, or students looking to study in China, will be looking for. provides comprehensive information on what is required for successful application of the China Student Visa. Chinese Visa F, known as the Chinese Business Visa, is solely for business- related matters. It grants access into China for businessmen and businesswomen who are entering China to attend to business- related matters, such as attending conference meetings or trade shows. This is also one of the more popular visas applied, owing to the immense market potential China harbors. Chinese Visa Z, however, is employment related. A holder of the Chinese Work visa is allowed to be employed in China - a client that has been dispatched to China for employment- related matters will find it helpful for to help process their Chinese Visa Z. Chinese Visa C is applicable to crew members aboard ships and airplanes. They will be required to apply for these visas when entering China. This is usually done by the management of the company that owns the travel vehicles; crew members usually do not have to do such visa applications by themselves. Finally, Chinese Visa G is required for civilians that are transiting at China, and will be staying in China for more than 24 hours. There may be instances where tourists are required to wait up to a day for their next flight, and the Chinese Visa G will be ideal for these clients. offers not just a comprehensive visa expedition service; they promise secure transactions and professional service as well. Indeed, all customer transactions are secured by a 256- bit encryption. The company is also verified by VeriSign, the leading SSL certification authority. In addition, their secure, easy- to- use web platform allows clients to easily get information on documents required for their visa application, and get updates on the status of their visa expedition process. With comprehensive information available on their website, clients of rarely find difficulties in submitting the right documents for a successful Chinese visa application. also boasts a superb customer service team. The company promises customer satisfaction, and has a dedicated customer service team devoted to answering possible queries regarding their Chinese visa expedition processes.'s customer service team is also contactable by multiple avenues - through through Skype, via their toll- free hotline and by e- mail. offers 3 levels of services: Standard, Express and 24 hours. The Standard service promises turnarounds of 4 - 7 days. This is the cheapest option offered by, but the relatively lower price reflects the longer turnaround, not a drop in quality of service. The Express service is a mid- tier service, offering turnarounds of 2 - 3 days, while the 24 hours service promises an astounding turnaround of just 24 hours. This means that clients are exposed to a myriad of options when they are applying for their Chinese visa - with varying levels of turnaround times, customers that are tight on time can opt for the 24 hours service, while other customers can opt for the lower- tier services. has been featured on various traditional media platforms. Various big- time news platforms, such as The Columbus Dispatch,, The Denver Post and NewsOK picked up on the rising popularity and reliability of, and have each featured's Chinese visa expedition services on their news mediums. The company, in addition, promises one of the lowest rates across visa expedition services. Indeed, with no hidden credit card costs at all, and fees 25%-50% below the industry average, promises both speed and value to their clients. This is possible because of's years of experience in the industry, leading to warm ties and thus faster and cheaper China visa applications. is also offering their services to all 50 states in the country - although based in Houston, TX, the good logistical framework and solid ties with their partner, FedEx, ensures that all Chinese visa applications from all states are received, processed and return as quickly as possible to their clients. Such a comprehensive and wide- reaching service gives an edge over its competitors. Clients who are intending to travel to China, but have no idea where to begin their Chinese visa application process can approach for their China visa application needs - with 5 years of experience, dedicated customer support, user- friendly web platform, secured website and reliable service, may be one of the best visa expedition services to date.

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About Process China Visa Online: is officially registered company and officially recognized by Chinese Embassy allowing us to process Chinese Visas Online and deliver it to your location. Company Contact Information: Process China Visa Online Vincent Reno 3401 Louisiana Suite #110

Vincent Reno 3401 Louisiana Suite #110 77002 Phone: (888)-884-6971 Published in: Travel Tags: china visa  china tourist visa    china visa application     Published on: May 03, 2012 Original Source: Chinese Visa Processing Now Available Online in 24 Hours

Chinese Visa Processing Now Available Online in 24 Hours, one of the leading visa expedition services in the United States, is now offering a simple, time- saving 3- step...

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