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Wedding Photographer In Los Angeles, Gloria Mesa, Now Provides Services To Indian Weddings A leading wedding photography studio in Southern California, is now photographing Indian weddings in the region. Her talent and dedication to details separate her wedding work from the rest. Los Angeles, CA (I- Newswire) April 12, 2012 - Indian weddings celebrate both the traditional, elegance and lavish. Their elaborate grandeur speaks volumes of the importance of each of the ceremonies. From Pre- wedding ceremonies and engagement ceremonies, every Indian wedding can vary depending on religion but one thing remains true. An Indian wedding is a union between a man and a woman that combines decor, cuisine, fashion and rituals to celebrate the love of the couple. In addition, many couples celebrating an Indian wedding in the Los Angeles area typically favor the combination of both modern and traditional, as a fusion of their family roots and who they are today. Capturing moments like the Indian Wedding Baraat is essential for couples and families to be able to look back on that special day. A bride dressed in her beautiful wedding saree and the groom in his Achkan or Sherwani offer a glimpse to the main ceremony. It takes a keen eye and creative flair for photographer to be both transparent yet present for all the treasured memories. As an award- winning photography studio, is a renowned photography studio that caters to all different types of weddings and other special events. Owned by Gloria Mesa herself, the wedding photography in Los Angeles strives to produce the best quality of products for clients, emphasizing value in quality over quantity. The majority of the wedding ceremony will take place in a Mandap (the four- pole canopy at centre stage). The sacred fire in the Mandap symbolises not only the illumination of the mind, knowledge and happiness but is also a clean and pure witness to the ceremony as it progresses. The ceremony itself is a collection of rituals performed by the bride, bridegroom and their respective parents and close relatives. The priest chants "mantras" from the Vedas that were originally written in Sanskrit. He will also use the following in his ceremonies: Fresh flowers - to signify beauty; Coconut - to signify fertility; Rice, jaggery and other grains - to signify the food necessary for sustenance of human life; Ghee (purified butter) - to feed the sacred fire; Kumkum (vermilion) - red powder used for marking the forehead to signify good luck and to say that your soul (husband) is with me Expanding its wedding photography services, proudly embraces many religious ceremonies like Indian wedding in Los Angeles. In appreciation for the increasing diversities in wedding ceremonies, the Southern California- based wedding studio knows the rituals, items and practices surrounding an Indian wedding. recognizes and understands the concepts of Sikh, Indu, Muslim, Henna, Grah Shanti, Ganthibandhan, Agni Puja, Lara Homa, Shilarohana which all create that excellent Indian wedding, and works to truly capture the moment. delights in the many accolades it has won from the International Society of Wedding Photographers, and its pictures have graced various wedding magazines. Couples in Southern California who are opting for the Indian wedding ceremony for can turn to for beautiful pictures that relive precious wedding moments.

Additional Resources About Gloria Mesa Photography: Gloria Mesa Wedding Photography studio based in Los Angeles. It is comprised of a team of photographers that are specialized in wedding and events. Company Contact Information: Gloria Mesa Photography Gloria Mesa Phone: 805-297-5728 Published in: Other Tags: wedding planner  indian weddings    Niki Khan    Gujarati and Punjabi Wedding     Published on: April 12, 2012 Original Source: Wedding Photographer In Los Angeles, Gloria Mesa, Now Provides Services To Indian Weddings

Wedding Photographer In Los Angeles Gloria Mesa Now Provides Services To Indian  

Company Contact Information: Gloria Mesa Photography Gloria Mesa Phone: 805-297-5728 A leading wedding photography studio in Southern Califo...

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