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The FreeStyle Life Announces the Golden Swan Award The FreeStyle Life announces the winner of The Golden Swan for its 2012 Film Exhibition. New York (I- Newswire) April 06, 2012 - The 2012 GOLDEN SWAN AWARD goes to the feature directorial debut of Rosario García- Montero's "Las Malas Intenciones" aka "The Bad Intentions". Based on García- Montero's childhood during Peru's social transformation and crisis in the 1980s, "Las Malas Intenciones" shows brilliance in the craft of filmmaking, story- telling, and authencity. The Spanish language drama immerses the audience into a politically turbulent world seen through the eyes of a Peruvian girl who is convinced she will die the day her brother is born. García- Montero's previous short films have earned her recognition as one of the 25 New Faces of Indie Film by Filmmaker Magazine, and now her feature film directorial debut has won the honor of becoming The FreeStyle Life's first GOLDEN SWAN Winner for Outstanding Filmmaking. The films competing for THE GOLDEN SWAN have been screening on The FreeStyle Life since January and the winner was determined by both The FreeStyle Life's audience and its Editorial Team. The FreeStyle Life Film Exhibition launched on January 20th with the premiere of "Electronic Awakening" and has showcased new films each day ranging from feature narratives, documentaries, short films, student films, and music videos. While traditional film festivals are limited by cost, location, and time restrictions, The FreeStyle Life took the best of the festival experience and made it accessible to a global audience. All of the films in The FreeStyle Life Film Exhibition were available through instant streaming on The FreeStyle Life Platform and were accessible on all smartphones, tablets, computers and internet capable televisions. Viewers were able to engage, interact, share, and recommend The FreeStyle Life's Official Selections on their favorite social networks while also connecting with the filmmakers through live Q&As after the films premiered. The FreeStyle Life has created a web of interactivity that has broken down barriers and given the selected independent films a vitality, virality, and longevity that was not previously possible in traditional film festivals. While in its inaugural year, The FreeStyle Life Film Exhibition demonstrates the merits of this unique and novel approach. In comparison to other International Film Festivals, the online traffic generated by this year's exhibition has placed The FreeStyle Life among the top 10 film festival destinations in the world.* *Data according to Alexa Global Internet Analytics Measurement

Additional Resources About The FreeStyle Life, Inc.: "The FreeStyle Life" (the "Company") is a digital independent film destination that identifies, curates and centralized groundbreaking and thoughtprovoking independent film content, focusing on distributing and bringing awareness to independent films that can often slip through the cracks of mainstream media, and making these films available to watch on an On- Demand basis through the Cloud. The FreeStyle Life provides savvy and discerning Film Audiences with access to interesting, innovative and award- winning Independent Films that are hard to find or lesser- known. This enthusiastic and sophisticated audience of film lovers has long been neglected by traditional film distribution and Video- On- Demand (VOD) outlets, and The FreeStyle Life seeks to provide a centralized destination where they can discover and watch Independent Films instantly on virtually any internet capable device (including both Apple and Android compatible smartphones and tablets and internet- connected TVs) reaching a potential audience of over 300 million fans. Company Contact Information: The FreeStyle Life, Inc. Peter Bouloukos 112 Brushy Ridge Road, New Canaan, CT 06840 Phone: 203.594.9124 Published in: Art & Entertainment Tags: Movies  entertainment    Film Festival    independent film    THE BAD INTENTIONS    las malas intenciones    golden swan award     rosario garcia- montero     Published on: April 06, 2012 Original Source: The FreeStyle Life Announces the Golden Swan Award

The FreeStyle Life Announces the Golden Swan Award  

While in its inaugural year, The FreeStyle Life Film Exhibition demonstrates the merits of this unique and novel approach. In comparison to...