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Non- Destructive Film Buyer Promotes New Legal Ways For Medical Companies In Houston To Dispose of X- Ray Film Industrial Surplus offers new methods to dispose unwanted and used X- ray film conform to the new government and industry rules and regulations. Houston, Texas (I- Newswire) April 04, 2012 - Non- destructive film Buyer Industrial Surplus Inc. has added X- ray Film recycling to their list of scrap metal and asset recovery services. It is illegal to simply throw away X- ray film used for medical purposes; therefore medical clinics around the Houston metropolitan area can discard these materials safely and responsibly to Industrial Surplus. With new federal privacy laws and state environmental regulations, all medical clinics and hospitals must recycle their used X- ray film. This is beneficial for the environment as less metal will make its way into the local landfills and the medical clinics can recoup a portion of the metal value in the X- ray film. Privacy advocates can also rest easy knowing that the X- ray film is being recycled and not re- used. Industrial Surplus is a company that specializes in the scrap metal and asset recovery business. Started as a family business by Gino Parker, Industrial Surplus continues those business- to- business relationships on a personal level. As a non- destructive film buyer, the company helps business restore assets and recycles in- demand metals to reduce environmental waste and help their clients increase their alternative income sources. As an X- ray film recycler, Industrial Surplus prevents X- ray film disposal from causing environmental problems. Because of the sensitive nature of these xray films and their need to be disposed in their entirety, Industrial Surplus makes a commitment to follow all the necessary procedures involved when disposing of hazardous waste. This prevents additional paperwork, undue angst whether everything was disposed of properly and keeps the medical facility in line with rules and regulations. Without proper disposal, X- ray materials can accrue and take up space at the physical location of a business. This can prompt unsafe disposal in local landfills as the trash builds up, creating an eyesore for the company. Discovery of these materials in the landfill can pose legal issues for the offending company. Therefore, addressing these matters in a proactive matter will help the medical facility follow legal statutes and prevent a simple procedure from becoming a legal nightmare. If a medical company or facility is interested in more information about the X- ray disposal services, they can either visit or call 713-644-4011 to find out more.

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About Industrial Surplus Inc.: Industrial Surplus, Inc. buys equipment from Pulp and Paper Mills, Power Plants, Oilfield companies, and Refineries NATIONWIDE. Company Contact Information: Industrial Surplus Inc. Gino Parker 6532 Rupley Circle Houston, TX 77087 Phone: 713-644-4011 Published in: Miscellaneous Tags: demolition contractors    transformer oil recycling    Scrap & Metal Prices    Transformer Buyers    Dismantling services    Transformer oil disposal     Published on: April 04, 2012 Original Source: Non- Destructive Film Buyer Promotes New Legal Ways For Medical Companies In Houston To Dispose of X- Ray Film

NonDestructive Film Buyer Promotes New Legal Ways For Medical Companies In Houst