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First World Hotel Reviews And Detailed Information At Offers Booking Option is a website that offers information and reviews of the First World Hotel in Malaysia, with an integrated tool for easy reservation or booking. Malaysia (I- Newswire) April 03, 2012 - Luxurious as they may sound, vacations are a must. Taking days off the chores of daily living and deciding to relax in a home away from home is necessary for people to unwind and regain their strength. A recommended destination for that must- have vacation is Malaysia. Amid the cosmopolitan cities featuring all cultural and life- style flavors and fragrances of Asia, the favorite vacation destination in the continent offers a cauldron of tropical rainforest, hills and magnificent islands that make communing with nature a beautiful experience. In addition, Malaysia is an ideal place to visit throughout the year due to excellent climate. Apart from the beauty that it is, Malaysia boasts of excellent accommodation choices, with First World Hotel leading the pack. is a website that offers in- depth information about First World Hotel to assist visitors as they decide to make the reservation. Offering reviews of the hotel, the website also works as a platform for online booking. According to, First World Hotel is one of the largest establishments that loom over First World Plaza located at the heart of Pahang. Spanning over 500,000 square feet, the 3- star hotel adorns its gates with tropical rainforests that offer a unique way of welcoming and making anyone feel special. Fully equipped with luxurious rooms, state- of- the- art amenities, top- of- the- line furnishing and décor, as well as first- rate housekeeping services, First World Hotel offers real value at its finest. notes that as much as First World Hotel itself charms guests, its surrounding lush green yard, theme parks, shopping mall, food courts, casinos, golf course, gymnasium and a lovely Spanish courtyard enthrall visitors. For gastronomical charm, recommends the prominent restaurants and bars in First World Hotel that include Torcello's, Hainan restaurant, Shanghai 10 and Lake View Seafood restaurant. First World Café is also the largest café in Malaysia. Seemingly touring visitors around Malaysia, also allows visitors to check out other top hotels in the country, such as the Ipoh Hotel and Port Dickson hotels. Tourists planning to explore Malaysia should visit http:// and learn more about First World Hotel to ensure an accommodation that makes the trip worth cherishing.

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