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Google Slapped So Hard That You Couldn't Even See The BackSide of AltaVista White hat, black hat, grey hat. . . when it comes to seo is your website up for the Google Slap? Many sites have worked hard to improve search rankings and visibility, but are their efforts above and beyond, and who gets to decide? Medford, Oregon 97504 (I- Newswire) April 03, 2012 - Everybody wants more visitors on their site and apparently that includes Google. Google is constantly making changes to provide "better search results". Google has recently released a host of updates, some of which are designed to keep people on Google longer and some to improve search. Possibly Google's idea of "leveling the playing field" works together with keeping people on Google longer with the intent to bring about more advertising dollars for Google. Regardless, all the insider whispers seem to be indicating a 10-20% impact on organic search results with these new changes. However, Matt Cutts once suggested that the Google Privacy updates would only impact search in the singe digits. That didn't exactly prove to be true. How many sites do you know of that have the largest percentage of organic search coming from the term (not provide)? Speaking of people in the know, Jenna Saglione just featured an article about this new Google update on SiteReference Newsletter which captured the attention of many bloggers and possibly left them shaking in the shadows of the ever- present Google Slap. This Matt Cutts quote was pulled from Jenna's article titled, Hot Off the Presses! Google Takes Down a Popular Blog Network" "The way that I often think about SEO is that it's like a coach. It's someone who helps you figure out how to present yourself better. In an ideal world, though, you wouldn't have to think about presenting yourself and whether search engines can crawl your website, because they'd just be so good that it could figure out how to crawl through the Flash, how to crawl through the forms, how to crawl through the javascript, how to crawl through whatever it is. And for the most part, most search engines have made a lot of progress on being able to crawl through that richer content." While it's great for a search engine to improve, many people view SEO in terms of what needs to be done to get their website better rankings and better visibility. After all, isn't SEO all about manipulating data to improve search rankings? For these people building back links, exchanging links, adjusting meta data and doing whatever else they can do to help their website get attention is good SEO. For many, the line delineating "white hat" and "black hat" link building is a pretty grey area. So, now these very same people are silently waiting to see if their efforts are going to be deemed "beyond what a normal person would expect in a particular area", whatever that means. Nobody wants to be the one saying, "oh, man I was just too clever at building a network for my blog that I got bitch slapped so far off the Google serps that my site didn't even land on Altavista." Want the full story? Jump on over to Pixel Productions Inc's Graphic Design Blog, for interesting insights on search, design, marketing and the rest of this post. Who is Pixel and why would I want to go to their site? Pixel Productions Inc., is a preferred eCommerce website design company for BigCommerce, the world largest and fastest growing eCommerce platform. Why does that matter? It matters because today, effective e- commerce websites utilize multi- channel retailing to combine the power of selling through your own store with the power of listing your products for sale on Ebay and Facebook ultimately putting your products in front of millions of people with very little effort. Yes, Pixel does much more than website design. They specialize in solutions and results for brand identity design, retail packaging and online marketing.

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About Pixel Productions Inc.: As a website design company ranked top in our field for creative graphic design in print media, website development, and brand identity, you can count on our thoughtful and fresh approach to every design solution. Our experienced graphic designers combined with our proven design process allows us to provide creative solutions that produce results! There is no debate that today websites are one of the most important elements of any business. Pixel has recognized this and changed their business profile expanding and focusing their expertise. We know that keeping pace with technology means understanding how media changes and how it impacts the way a business operates. Many website designers simply build web sites. Our website development and website marketing philosophy is, "what can your website be doing to improve the way you do business?" Company Contact Information: Pixel Productions Inc. Chris London 1600 Sky Park Drive, Suite 101B Medford, OR 97504 Phone: 541-773-3351 Published in: Search Engine Marketing Tags: SEO  graphic    google    white hat seo    Google search    Google updates    Google slap    Google slapped    Google penalties     penalized by Google    black hat seo     Published on: April 03, 2012 Original Source: Google Slapped So Hard That You Couldn't Even See The BackSide of AltaVista

Google Slapped So Hard That You Couldnt Even See The BackSide of AltaVista  
Google Slapped So Hard That You Couldnt Even See The BackSide of AltaVista  

Published in: Search Engine Marketing Speaking of people in the know, Jenna Saglione just featured an article about this new Google update o...