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Endless Travel Vacations Reviews Ocean City Maryland History Endless Travel Vacations offer travel reviews of amazing and affordable discount luxury vacation destinations. Endless Travel Vacations also offers travel tips and tricks to insure all Endless Travel Vacation destinations are affordable and fun. St. Louis, Missouri (I- Newswire) April 01, 2012 - Endless Travel Vacations reviews great vacation destinations, ways to save money on vacation, travel tips and tricks, travel scams to avoid and more. At Endless Travel Columbus, OH, complaints are something we take very seriously, and we publish periodic articles about travel scams to avoid. As part of Endless Travel Vacations Columbus, Ohio, ongoing commitment to the industry, Endless Travel Vacations reviews destinations and offers all kinds of travel advice. Endless Travel Vacations is very pleased to bring you this review of the rich history of Ocean City Maryland. The land the city was built on, as well as much of the surrounding area, was once owned by Englishman Thomas Fenwick. In 1869, businessman Isaac Coffin built the first beach- front cottage to receive paying guests. Soon after, other simple boarding houses were built on the strip of sand, with the activity attracting prominent businessmen from the Maryland Eastern Shore, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Wilmington. The Atlantic Hotel, the first major hotel in the town, opened July 4, 1875. Besides the beach and ocean, it offered dancing and billiard rooms to the visitors of its more than 400 rooms, and for years it was the northern- most attraction in Ocean City. By 1878 tourists could come by railroad from Berlin to the shores of Sinepuxent Bay across from the town. By 1881, a line was completed across Sinepuxent Bay to the shore, bringing rail passengers directly into the town. Rapid expansion of Ocean City took place during the post- war boom. In 1952, with the completion of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Ocean City became easily accessible to people in the Baltimore- Washington Metropolitan Area. In 1964, with the completion of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge- Tunnel, a whole new pathway to the south was opened. Ocean City became one of the largest vacation areas of the East Coast.

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About Endless Travel: Planning the right vacation for yourself and your loved ones is an important decision. Selecting the right travel agent can be an even more important decision. You are careful about most decisions in your life, so don't leave your vacation success to chance. Insist on the very best… Endless Travel. Company Contact Information: Endless Travel Samuel Woods 12685 Dorsett Road 63043 Phone: 1-888-436-0533 Published in: Travel Tags: endless travel    endless travel reviews    Endless Travel Vacations    endless travel destinations     Published on: April 01, 2012 Original Source: Endless Travel Vacations Reviews Ocean City Maryland History

Endless Travel Vacations Reviews Ocean City Maryland History